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The tools menu of the main RSIGuard window (pictured to the right) allows you to use tools relating to Usage & Health Reports, Breaks, and RSIScripts.

DataLogger Usage Statistics

Click on the "DataLogger Usage Statistics" item to view the submenu.

The first 3 menu items allow you to view reports about your computer usage.

  • View Longterm Usage Statistics will launch the "RSIGuard Reports" utility to view your longterm computer usage statistics.
  • View Today's Usage Statistics lets you see statistics that reflect how you are working today and shows today's work intensity compared to your average.
  • View Keyboard Analysis Tool lets you see which keys you use most frequently, how long you hold keys down, and how long it takes you to find each key. Along with other information, this information may be useful in selecting an ergonomic keyboard, choosing helpful ways to remap your keyboard with KeyControl, and to identify the cause of keyboarding issues you may have.

The next 3 menu items allow you to move your DataLogger data between computers.

  • Export DataLogger Data to Floppy lets you store your RSIGuard data to a floppy to transfer to another computer, or to allow you to show your data to someone (e.g. a health professional or a supervisor) who has RSIGuard Reports installed on their computer. Use this option to backup your data (e.g. before moving to a new computer.)
  • Import DataLogger Data to Floppy lets you load RSIGuard data you previously exported. If you reinstall RSIGuard on a new computer, you can use this option to import your usage data from your old computer.
  • Send DataLogger Data as an Email Attachment lets you send your DataLogger files to someone via email. This only works if you have a default mail client (e.g. Outlook) configured.

Submit a Health Status Report

This item lets you create and submit a Health Status Report. Unless your employer has configured this feature to submit your report via a network to an ergonomics coordinator, your report will only be stored locally on your computer. Click here for more information about Health Status Reports. This option may not be available if your company has chosen to disable this feature.

Take A Break Now

This menu item allows you to start a break early. If you know you are about to take a break, selecting this item (or pressing the "Take A Break Now" hotkey) will cause a break to start now, giving you trauma credit that will let you work longer later.

Run an RSIScript

Lets you run an RSIScript from your local computer, from the web, or a script associated with a registration code. Scripts can also be associated with hotkeys in the KeyControl settings screen. Click here for more information about RSIScripts.

Schedule Regular Health Status Reports

Allows you to request that on a regular schedule, RSIGuard will remind you to complete a Health Status Report survey. Click here for more information about Health Status Reports.

Exit RSIGuard

This will exit RSIGuard (stopping all RSIGuard features from functioning until RSIGuard is run again).

Setup Menu Items

The Setup menu of the main RSIGuard window (picture to the right) lets you control how RSIGuard works.

Purchase RSIGuard & Register RSIGuard

If your copy of RSIGuard is not yet registered, these two menu items will appear to let you either purchase your copy of RSIGuard, or to enter the license registration code you received when you purchased RSIGuard. These items will not appear if you have a registered copy of RSIGuard.


This option lets you personalize various features of RSIGuard. The tabs of the Settings dialog are explained in the documentation for the corresponding features: BreakTimer; Stretches (Stretch Edition only), ForgetMeNots; AutoClick, KeyControl. The Personalization tab lets you specify how you work and your work environment which RSIGuard uses to customize its behavior. An additional Admin tab is available only if you are an RSIGuard administrator (generally available only to site license holders).

Run Setup Wizard

When a new user profile is created, the Setup Wizard lets the new user enter some basic initial settings. You can run the wizard again in the future, but generally it makes more sense to use the Settings (described above) since Settings lets you customize RSIGuard more than the Wizard does.

Show Hotkey Assignments

This feature will launch a Notepad session with a file that contains all the RSIGuard hotkey assignments you have made. This allows you to either view or print your hotkeys.

Display Options

Under the Display Options submenu there are 6 items

  • Show Strain Bars - The strain bars indicate how much strain you have accumulated from mousing and typing. You can choose to have them visible or not in the main display with this option.
  • Show WorkTime Statistics - The time statistics show time since last break, time to next break, and total time worked today (or time left to work if Work Restriction is enabled). You can choose to have these times be visible or not in the main display with this option.
  • Automatically Hide Main Control Buttons - If this option is selected, the main RSIGuard window will automatically hide the BreakTimer, ForgetMeNots, and AutoClick control buttons when the mouse moves away from RSIGuard.
  • Keep RSIGuard Always On Top - If selected, the RSIGuard main display window will always remain visible and in front of other windows.
  • Bring RSIGuard to Center of Screen - Choosing this item will bring the main display window to the center of the screen.
  • Hide RSIGuard (Icon remains in System Tray) - This option will make the RSIGuard window invisible and remove it from the task bar. RSIGuard remains active, and the RSIGuard icon remains in the system tray -- clicking on it restores the RSIGuard window. You can also hide RSIGuard by clicking the button on the main display window.

Profile Management

Under the Profile Management submenu there are 4 items

  • Select Profile - This lets you select a particular configuration profiles. Most users will only have one profile, but you may wish to have multiple profiles, for example, if at different times of the month your work tasks are very different, or if different people use 1 computer and log in under the same Windows account (e.g. on a home computer).
  • Add Profile - Select this option to create an additional configuration profile for your Windows user login. This allows you to have multiple distinct groups of settings.
  • Remove Profile - Select this option to remove a configuration profile from your Windows user login when it is no longer in use.
  • Manage Roaming Profile - Select this option to manage the network aspects of a roaming profile.

Roaming Profiles is a feature that lets you store configuration profiles on a network. That way, when you log in from a different computer (with the same Windows login ID) your profile will move around with you. If you use a portable computer that isn't always connected to the network (or if your desktop becomes detached from the network), RSIGuard will use the profile that was available the last time the portable (or desktop computer) was connected to the network.

To enable Roaming Profiles, check "Enable RSIGuard roaming profile" and select a network location available to all computers you work on. Repeat this process on each computer you work on.

You can also configure Roaming Data, which lets your usage data be stored on a network as well. Work on each computer will be aggregated on the network. Aggregated data may be inaccurate if you work on multiple computers at the same time. Checking "Dynamically aggregate data across multiple active computers" will increase the accuracy at the expense of more network activity.

In most corporate settings, these settings will only be available to administrators.

Help Menu Items

The help menu of the main RSIGuard window (pictured to the right) provides information about RSIGuard and ergonomics .

RSIGuard Help

This menu item shows you the RSIGuard application help system (which you are currently viewing).


This menu item shows you an interactive ergonomic training presentation about working healthily at the computer.

Check for RSIGuard Update

This item checks if there is an update to RSIGuard available at the RSIGuard website and gives you the option of installing the update.

This feature requires access to the internet.

About RSIGuard

This item provides:

  • the version of RSIGuard you are running
  • your registration status
  • your RSIGuard ID#
  • a description of the main features of RSIGuard

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