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Welcome to RSIGuard - An Introductory Tutorial

RSIGuard is the leading software tool for preventing and managing Repetitive Strain Injuries.

A Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is an injury that occurs over a period of time during which we repeatedly expose our bodies to minor strains without taking enough time to rest and recover.

Extended computer use without sufficient rest can lead to RSI symptoms such as discomfort, muscle weakness, and even nerve damage.


RSIGuard reduces RSI risk by:

  • Reducing mouse and keyboard-related strain exposure
  • Helping you to take rests when you need them
  • Helping you monitor your work patterns in order to prevent or diagnose the cause of problems

Your organization is introducing RSIGuard to its employees for several reasons:

  • Preventing injuries is better than reacting to injuries
  • Injuries and fatigue lead to loss of productivity
  • Injuries can raise insurance premiums, hurting you and your organization
  • RSI symptoms can affect your ability to work and enjoy life

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