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Welcome to the RSIGuard Reporting Tutorial

This tutorial will introduce you to RSIGuard's reporting functionality.

It is intended primarily for health and safety staff, ergonomic evaluators, or any manager who will be responsible for creating reports from RSIGuard data.

Note: if you wish to follow along with the examples, you will need to install the Administrator Reporting Software. If you have not already done so, click here for installation instructions.

RSIGuard contains two types of reporting functionality.

RSIGuard offers two kinds of reports.

The first, called UserInsight Reports, is geared towards individuals and ergonomic evaluators/medical professionals assisting individuals. Using the application UserInsight, you can view high-resolution, color-coded graphs that show an individual computer user's patterns at the computer and where they fall into higher risk categories.

The second, called GroupInsight Reports, is geared towards managers and health & safety staff. Using the application GroupInsight, these reports provide insight into organizational risk, health, compliance and work patterns. GroupInsight also provides an easy method to communicate with selected populations via email.

Learn about UserInsight Reports

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