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Downloading & Installing RSIGuard Administrator Tools

To set up a new computer with RSIGuard's administration tools, carefully follow the steps below. If you'd like help with this process or get stuck, please feel free to contact RSIGuard support at (800)776-5545.

  1. Be sure the computer on which you are installing the RSIGuard Administrator Tools already has your organization's customized RSIGuard package installed.
  2. Download the RSIGuard Administrator Tools installation file (v5.0.12) by clicking here
    [msi | 8mb]
  3. Your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) will then give you options like "Save" or "Open/Run". You should select "Save" and save the downloaded file (RSIGuardAdminTools-Install.msi) to your Desktop (or any other location if you prefer).
  4. After selecting a place to save the download, the download process will begin. When it finishes select "Open" (if your browser gives you that option). Otherwise, just double click on the RSIGuardAdminTools-Install.msi icon. This will begin the installation process.
  5. The installation process should begin and take a few seconds to complete. If you receive any error messages, the most likely cause is that you don't have rights to install software on your computer. In this case, please ask your IT/helpdesk for assistance.
  6. After the install program completes, RSIGuard Administrator Tools are installed on your computer and you can delete the RSIGuardAdminTools-Install.msi icon.
  7. Some organization's restrict who can run RSIGuard's administration tools. If that is your case, make sure that your login is in the list of allowed users (see section 1.9b of the Program Administrator's Guide for more information).