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RSIGuard Pilot Program Information

Conducting an RSIGuard pilot is an easy way to determine just how helpful RSIGuard will be to your organization. Here are the steps to conducting a pilot:

  1. Determine who will be in your pilot. Most organizations will want to select from 10 to 50 people for the pilot (although you may choose as few or as many people as you deem appropriate). You may wish to send an invitation to users to join the pilot. Here is a Sample Invitation Letter.
  2. Introduce pilot attendees to the basics of RSIGuard by directing them to an RSIGuard Introduction at
  3. Decide how RSIGuard will get installed onto the computers of your users.
    • If your IT/IS department will help (or if their help is required to install software on your organization's computers) then ask them to install RSIGuard for your users. They can download RSIGuard from our site.
    • If you will not have IT/IS support, you can send your pilot users our Pilot Installation Email which will guide them through the installation process. Some companies restrict a user's ability to install software on their own machine. If this is that case at your company, you will need IT/IS support.
  4. RSIGuard will be personalized by each of the pilot participants as they run through the "Setup Wizard" (which will greet them when they first run RSIGuard). No IT/IS involvement is required. However, if you wish to test RSIGuard's networking features (e.g. Health Status Reporting, network access to DataLogger data, or network control of user profiles), your IT/IS department will generally need to be involved. They will help identify various network configuration information such as where RSIGuard data can be stored on your network.
  5. Next, let pilot participants use RSIGuard for 30 to 45 days (you may select a different length of time if you wish). Please make sure pilot participants know that they can access RSIGuard online support, and can also email Enviance email support at any time to insure they are able to fully understand and test as many aspects of RSIGuard as possible.
  6. After the pilot is complete, you may wish to conduct a survey of your users who piloted RSIGuard. You can look at our Sample Post Trial Survey document to help construct your own survey. If you wish, you may also want to analyze data recorded by RSIGuard (which you can do from a central location if your IT/IS staff set up the networking features).
  7. You may also wish to survey your IT department. The IT support you receive from us is an important part of measuring the success of your pilot. You should make sure that a) your IT department was able to get any support they needed and b) your IT department was satisfied with the level of effort that was required to implement the pilot.

Thank you for considering an RSIGuard pilot at your organization!