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RSIGuard Technical Note


The warning "The color scheme has been changed" appears during a break (or other times) that is associated with RSIGuard.


This problem occurs only if you use the Windows Aero feature.

According to Microsoft, there are various reasons this can occur:

  • Your video drivers may be out of date
  • Your video hardware may be too limited to do the Aero effects
  • Windows may be incorrectly switching out of Aero mode

Possible Solutions:

  1. Make sure you have updated video hardware drivers
  2. Make sure your hardware is adequate for the tasks you do on your computer
  3. Many users have Windows Aero on and aren't really using it. So, if you don't, you can turn Windows Aero off. To do so, right click anywhere on your desktop and select Personalize... Then, select any non-Aero theme, e.g. Windows 7 Basic.
  4. Set Windows to not automatically change out of Aero mode. To do so, click the Windows Start button. Right click on "Computer" and select properties. On the left, click "Advanced system settings". In the Performance box, click Settings. Select the "Custom" option and click OK to save, and OK again to exit System Properties. This shouldn't change anything except that Windows will no longer automatically switch out of Aero mode when it thinks that's best.
  5. Click here to view additional Microsoft support information on this topic.