Release Notes for RSIGuard for Windows

Including RSIGuard, UserInsight & GroupInsight
Mac Release Notes   Key differences between v6 & v5

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  • Notes in progress.


  • The "View factors triggering Next Break" popup now uses regular UI (in previous versions it used a native window that acted in unusual ways). It also shows more useful and up-to-date information. (RSIG-1260)

  • In the "Today's Computer Exposure" popup, the value at the top, which reflects Desktop Risk accumulated so far, has a new label, "Today's Desktop Risk". (RSIG-1258)

  • The "Start of Day" algorithm has been improved to more accurately represent when a user actually begins working. (RSIG-1250)

  • When a break ends, it should display the activity graph. However, in prior versions, it didn't do this unless you had enabled the Minute-By-Minute work restriction. (RSIG-1244)

  • Addressed an issue in which RSIGuard occasionally would need to refresh the main window, especially after long periods of being idle. It could also impact the break window, and in very rare situations, could cause the break window to display a blank box that temporarily locked up the keyboard and mouse. (RSIG-1257)

  • RSIGuard Individual Edition now checks for updated versions (and offers it if available), by default, every 3 months. (RSIG-1248)

  • If the Setup Wizard is canceled on the first run, the user now receives a message encouraging them to visit the Settings (or revisit the wizard) and then RSIGuard begins with default settings. Previously RSIGuard exited if the Wizard was canceled. (RSIG-1261)

  • To avoid unintended clicks, AutoClick is momentarily canceled when a user presses a key, or clicks the mouse. Now it also does this in most scenarios when the user touches a touchscreen. This greatly improves AutoClick used in conjunction with touchscreens. There are still scenarios when RSIGuard can't detect touches, and in those cases, this functionality is not present. (RSIG-1249)

  • Various improvements to RSIScript. Added many more options to $AppAtPoint() to enhance it's capabilities with AutoClick filters. Also, $sys(CursorPos) has new options. Finally, $recursive() has been added to allow RSIScript to do single-level pre-processing to make it more flexible in some situations. See the RSIScript documentation for details. (RSIG-1251, RSIG-1252, RSIG-1255)

  • The Administrator Console, used by RSIGuard-only customers, now has better error handling on launching the console if configuration files aren't present. (RSIG-1256)

  • The "uninstall" command now works in some RSIGuard configurations where it was not previously available. (RSIG-1259)


  • RSIGuard and myCority Dashboard have different thresholds in some views. RSIGuard now has a setting to align its thresholds to myCority. (RSIG-1223)

  • The Setup Wizard page about the myCority Dashboard has been updated to better reflect the myCority experience. (RSIG-1227)

  • The ErgoCoach Monitor Report now handles monitors in portrait configuration. (RSIG-1228)

  • Addressed an issue with the "View Factors Triggering Next Break" display that could cause RSIGuard to crash. (RSIG-1229)

  • The 'Todays Usage Statistics' presented data that could be a few minutes to a couple hours old. Now the data includes all recent activity. (RSIG-1240)

  • When a break completes, the break window normally displays minute-by-minute usage bars. Those weren't always being shown. Fixed. (RSIG-1242)

  • Enhanced the $data() command to include 'OL' which returns myCority/OES-style estimate of Desktop Risk. This enhances capabilities of the Desktop Risk Action Report. (RSIG-1234)

  • Added capability to do a silent command-line uninstall for installer configurations with "uninstall icon" not included in program group. This will only work for subsequent versions, meaning it can be used on v6.2.8 or later. (RSIG-1219)

  • Fixed an issue where in particular configurations, if the Break Needed button appeared, and user took a full natural break, the Break Needed button would disappear and the main window would still display Waiting (break model was still working even with wrong text displayed). (RSIG-1241)

  • Miscellaneous other minor fixes/performance improvements. (RSIG-1225, RSIG-1226, RSIG-1236, RSIG-1237, RSIG-1238, RSIG-1239)

  • UserInsight Updates:
    • The UserInsight application did not handle some edge cases when a data file produced in one timezone was viewed in another timezone. The handling of this situation has been greatly improved. (RSIG-1230)

    • Improvements to the display of "time using built-in mouse and keyboard" in the associated graphs. (RSIG-1231)

    • Display of Desktop Risk graph now matches thresholds in myCority. (RSIG-1232)

    • Graphs now display an average value on the left axis, and hovering over points to see values works more smoothly. Also, the report length times are better aligned with weeks which makes for more logical results for the presented averages.(RSIG-1235)

    • Two new graphs area available. The first shows the longest periods of work without at least a 30-second period of inactivity. The second is an experimental estimate of the number of touches on a touchscreen. Some application touches are still not counted so this may be improved in future releases. (RSIG-1233)

v6.2.7.0(current production release)

  • Corrects an issue where Ctrl+Scrollwheel could distort the scaling in RSIGuard. (RSIG-1214)

  • Further improvements to performance issue that caused slow keyboard input in some applications when Settings or other RSIGuard dialog windows were open. (RSIG-1181)

  • Uninstall command didn't work correctly if a package was configured to not include an uninstall shortcut in the Start menu. Now it works properly regardless. (RSIG-1219)

  • Corrected an issue that could cause AutoClick's Visual Feedback to crash RSIGuard on systems with disabled monitors. (RSIG-1221)


  • Corrected issues with Keyboard statistics (frequency, pressure/hold-time, inter-key times). (RSIG-1211)

  • The $data() RSIScript expression now does better date math for calculating averages and totals (supporting daylight savings), and omits days with less than 6 minutes of activity to match OES My Dashboard operation. (RSIG-1213)

  • Minor UI fix: In BreakTimer Setup Wizard, the Mouse and Keyboard sensitivity buttons are not hidden if they are checked and user sets discomfort frequency back to Never. (RSIG-1204)

  • In KeyControl, the link to Windows keyboard shortcuts is now customizable if an organization wants to link to a different website. (RSIG-1209)

  • Remote Terminal Detect 'minimum string length' was reduced from 10 to 6. This still helps ensure at least a minimal string but allows for shorter match strings that may be needed. (RSIG-1212) Additionally, fixed an issue if RSIScript criteria was always true, and some other UI issues. (RSIG-1210)


  • Next Break Time indicator on main screen now displays much more useful information when a break is imminent. (RSIG-1191)

  • Corrected an issue where typing wasn't blocked during breaks and arrow keys didn't move cursor during drag locks that was created in v6.2.4. This also corrected an issue that prevented some keyboard statistics from recording in v6.2.4. (RSIG-1188, RSIG-1189)

  • Fixed an issue that could cause unresponsive UI when connected to specific docking stations. (RSIG-1182)

  • In the setup wizard, some computers were mistakenly identified as desktops when you tried to setup notebook ErgoCoach settings. Corrected. (RSIG-1192)

  • If the Exit RSIGuard menu item is not present, then the Hide RSIGuard window no longer tells you that you can select Exit RSIGuard. (RSIG-1193)

  • The Setup Wizard no longer asks a person who reports discomfort about their primary input devices since this information is no longer used. (RSIG-1194)

  • UserInsight Updates: Changed risk graph to use the current name for this statistic, "Desktop Risk Score". Also, corrected an issue where the ® symbol displayed incorrectly in an organization's name. Also updated text in the About Box. (RSIG-1195)

  • Fixed an issue with default ForgetMeNots values and Call Center Mode. (RSIG-1190)

  • Fixed an issue where RSIGuard might interfere with shutdown of computer when using RSIGuard Cloud. (RSIG-1197)

  • Fixed an issue where RSIGuard failed to launch with error 'The application was unable to start correctly' in some minimal Windows installations. (RSIG-1200)


  • Fixed a performance issue that caused slow keyboard input in some applications when Settings or other RSIGuard dialog windows were open. (RSIG-1181)

  • Built in browser now supports myCority+SSO in internal browser. (RSIG-1179)

  • RSIGuard Cloud windows language improvements. (RSIG-1157)

  • Improved robustness of installation process by adding tests to ensure some key application files are present when RSIGuard first runs. (RSIG-1184)

  • Fixed an issue where if Skipped Break Wizard was left onscreen for a long time, a subsequent break could freeze RSIGuard. (RSIG-1186)


  • Enhanced 'html open' to use an RSIScript rule to determine if the window should open in RSIGuard browser, or system default browser. Useful for Cority GX2 integrated configurations.



  • ForgetMeNots that contain HTML links or images now can have a "description of the ForgetMeNot" appear in the Settings list of ForgetMeNots instead of the HTML text.

  • KeyControl hotkeys that 'type text' and RSIScript 'type' command now support non-English characters (Unicode).

  • Online Help item in Help menu has been removed since the content is covered by the "RSIGuard Help" menu item.

  • Improvements to support for various Data Privacy options.

  • RSIScript now has a JSON parser to enable it to use various web APIs. Also made improvements to $api() to help enable this.

  • The $api() command syntax has changed to allow an RSIScript command to execute upon invalid response from server.

  • Added ability to restrict editing of BreakTimer Filters.


  • In larger magnifications of RSIGuard, notifications and ForgetMeNots might appear slightly off the screen. Corrected.

  • Locked settings can now be adjusted when in Administrator mode. Browse Online Videos is also accessible in admin mode when disabled for end user.

  • Fixed some issues in "connection to Cority OEE" process.

  • ForgetMeNot window should disappear when timer reaches 0, but it waited an additional second. Fixed.

  • Fixed issues with Online Videos caused by an updated YouTube API.

  • Fixed an issue where RSIGuard could prevent Windows shutdown


New Features:

  • Desktop Risk Action Report - tells you how your computer usage compares to worldwide averages, and provides specific-to-you tips on how to lower your risk of developing discomfort.
    Desktop Risk Action Report

  • Custom Action button in BreakTimer window - lets you create a single function (like toggling mute in Microsoft Teams) that you can do during a break while keyboard/mouse are disabled.
    Custom BreakTimer Action button


  • Improved text messages in the Minute-By-Minute Work Restriction information box.

  • Data menu for OES users can now optionally be configured to show menu items without pressing CTRL key. Also, if CTRL key is used, you no longer have to hold CTRL down while selecting a menu item.

  • RSIGuard UI can be scaled with CTRL + / -, but can now also be scaled using CTRL + mousewheel.

  • ErgoCoach trainings and quick setup tips are now translated to all RSIGuard languages.

  • Added $scale() to RSIScript to help windows appear well in different magnifications.

  • Added 'break reason' command to RSIScript to enable script-triggered breaks.

  • Improvements to UX of RSIScript history window.


  • Sometimes Notifications would appear in a window that was too small for all the text, and required scrolling. Fixed.

  • In some languages (other than English), some text messages would be incorrect or could cause a crash. Corrected.

  • ForgetMeNots could appear in English, even if you started in another language, the first time RSIGuard launched. Titles of Stretches in settings window appeared in English when another language was selected. Corrected.

  • Menu items with icons could sometimes format poorly.

  • Many text updates and translation improvements.

  • Corrected a crash in Admin Console when user attempted to apply a setting to a group of users.

  • Some OEM keys on non-English keyboards now appear with key names (instead of Unknown Key) when assigning them to a hotkey. Improved UI for selecting a hotkey when the selected hotkey is a commonly used key combination.

  • Fixed some issues where main menus might not open the first time a shortcut key is pressed.

  • Fixed crash related to mismatched braces in RSIScript commands.

  • Fixed RSIScript $LanguageName() and $LanguageCode() commands.


  • RSIGuard now supports 27 languages. English, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian have been human-reviewed, but the other languages are machine-translated. We will be working to improve these other translations as needed by customers.
    RSIGuard language options

  • Redesigned Break Window is much simpler and better organized. An optional 'special function button' can be added as well. For example, in the example below, there is a button for toggling the Microsoft Teams Mic during a break when the keyboard/mouse are disabled. Also shown, after stretches complete, the Minute-By-Minute work restriction detail is now shown within break window if such a work restriction is enabled.
    Redesigned break window

  • New "Share My Data" feature lets you share your RSIGuard usage data via a weblink. To access, click the Data menu item (or for OES users, hold CTRL and click the Dashboard menu).
    Share My Data view

  • Keypress Statistics report is now available in the Data menu (and within UserInsight after the graphs).
    Keypress Statistics window

  • Menu items can now contain icons.
    Menu item with an icon

  • Add support for Quiet and SrgetMeNots could appear in English, even if you started in another language, the first time RSIGuard launched. Titles of Stretches in settings window appeared in English when another language was selected. Corrected.ForgetMeNots could appear in English, even if you started in another language, the first time RSIGuard launched. Titles of Stretches in settings window appeared in English when another language was selected. Corrected.lent modes in version 6. These modes let RSIGuard collect data, and act as a channel to the OES system, without the interactive features of RSIGuard like BreakTimer and ForgetMenots.

  • Added new "Welcome to OES" Wizard Page to introduce users to OES.

  • New RSIGuard+Cority icon that works better on a variety of Windows backgrounds. New application icon

  • Break window now keeps screen active at least until break ends.

  • Added 'screenshot' function to RSIScript.

  • Various fixes and minor improvements:

    • Fixed issue where a break window warning prevented interaction with window

    • RSIScript improvements to 'question' command formatting, $sys(OneDriveFolder), activate, update, $udata(), and 'window show'

    • Made RSIGuard networking (for roaming profiles/data) significantly more efficient by combining writes

    • Added a nicer mechanism for specifying key combination for KeyControl hotkeys

    • Fixed issue with "Check for RSIGuard update" that could cause RSIGuard to crash

    • Fixed issue where RSIGuard could prevent Windows shutdown

    • Roaming Profile/Data now properly shows connection status

    • Fixed issue to allow dashboard to be hosted at different subdomains

    • Fixed various minor display issues with various windows

    • Fixed issue where RSIGuard WiFi-location detection didn't work if network name (SSID) had a space in it


  • Corrected an issue that could cause a crash on startup.

  • Corrected an additional issue related to the "corrupted settings" warning partially addressed in


  • Corrected an issue in which certain characters in KeyControl Hotkeys or ForgetMeNots (e.g., foreign language special characters) would lead to an error like this:
    Corrupt Settings Warning
    After updating to v6.1.6.1 or later, you will need to respond Yes to remove the corrupted settings. After that the error will no longer appear.


  • Improved BreakTimer window to show "minute-by-minute" activity history, as well as dynamic mouse and keyboard strain levels to better show the need for rest and benefit obtained.
    BreakTimer Indicators

  • The Administrator Console (accessible only to organization RSIGuard program administrators) has been updated to match the v6 UI/UX (it used the v5 UI in v6.1.5.0).
    Administrator Console

  • Using KeyControl to launch an application via a shortcut now lets you use any shortcut (e.g. all Microsoft Office applications). Previously this only worked for shortcuts that specified an executable file as the target.

  • Corrected an issue with KeyControl hotkeys where a hotkey that clicked the mouse on an item filtered by AutoClick wouldn't receive a click via the hotkey.

  • Zooming in/out in the RSIGuard browser (e.g. for the OES Dashboard) now properly zooms the content without changing the window size.

  • At some scaling (via Ctrl +/-) on lower resolution monitors, some windows would appear unecessarily with scrollbars. Corrected.

  • In Settings pages, if you try to change a setting that your organization has locked, or which has a restricted range, you'll get a warning letting you know if you attempt to make an unpermitted change.

  • The Administrator's Access window UI has been upgraded to fit the v6 look (it used the v5 look in v6.1.5.0).
    Administrator Access window

  • There was an issue for a small subset of users, that RSIGuard could incorrectly warn a user that encryption of ForgetMeNots and other potentially-private RSIGuard settings was corrupt. This is corrected.

  • Corrected an issue where RSIGuard would occasionally incorrectly warn a user that RSIGuard couldn't access the internet (e.g. for OES communication).

  • Corrected a few potential crashes that could occur in some specific configurations.

  • Improvements to the fmnedit and fmnmsg RSIScript commands. Also updated the $sys(CompForm) to more accurately determine if a computer fits into the category of "laptop".

  • Fixed a few minor typos in various parts of the UI.


  • Added the Keypress Frequency window (that was in RSIGuard v5) back to RSIGuard v6. It's now accessible under the Data/Dashboard menu (standalone RSIGuard and OES).

  • Added ability for OES to launch standard ErgoCoach or custom daily microtrainings (for OES only).

  • Improved ability for administrators to limit range of settings for users.

  • When RSIGuard windows like Settings, or About RSIGuard were open, RSIGuard was using excessive CPU. Corrected.

  • Fixed issue with blank "Connect to Roaming Profile" screen.

  • Added $sys(DataFolder) to RSIScript to allow programatic access to the folder where data is being stored.

  • Corrected an issue where "hide screen during break" didn't work properly if user stopped stretches.

  • Improved security for RSIGuard settings storage, and for the 'schedule' and other commands.

  • If ForgetMeNots are not being displayed because "Define When ForgetMeNots Appear" is pausing them, main screen now shows Waiting (to display).

  • Time for scheduled breaks in Settings pages now uses consistent time display format.

  • Fixed issues with "connect to OES" windows (for OES only).


  • OES attachments can now be downloaded directly from the dashboard.

  • ForgetMeNots:

  • ForgetMeNots were not relocatable and now are.

  • The ForgetMeNot countdown felt like it lasted 1 second too long. Resolved this.

  • If ForgetMeNots are disabled due to the "Define When ForgetMeNots Appear" setting, the main window now displays "Waiting" as the ForgetMeNots status.

  • ForgetMeNots Wizard Page showed checkboxes incorrectly if organization had locked ForgetMeNots in the "on position".

  • RSIScript:

  • Added 'scroll' command. This can be used to created hotkeys to scroll by a specified distance.

  • Added $sys(DataFolder) to report the location where Data is being stored.

  • Setting color of notification to ffffff will force it to display even if Windows determines it's not a good time to display it.

  • Stability:

  • On return from hibernate/sleep, on some computers, UI was sometimes blank for a while. Corrected.

  • In some setups, RSIGuard could crash at the end of a break. Corrected.

  • Fixed issue where on startup, RSIGuard could report "RSIGuard didn't start. Please restart RSIGuard."

  • User Interface:

  • Notifications now resize better to show text when RSIGuard is scaling at over 100%.

  • The UI for specifying keypress-combo for hotkeys has been updated.

  • OES users can hold CTRL while clicking on Dashboard menu icon to view the data options shown to non-OES RSIGuard users (e.g. UserInsight, Today's Statistics, Export Data).

  • Custom menu items can now include foreign language characters.

  • During breaks, the 'Minute by Minute' work restriction window now remains visible when you have 'Hide Screen During Break' enabled.

  • Fixed typo in 'Manage Roaming Profile' window.

  • Imrpovements to UI for restricted settings.

  • Scheduled breaks now shows times in a consistent format.

  • Improved UI/process for connecting to the OES.


  • Updated RSIGuard issue reporting system.


  • Corrected issue that for some users, RSIGuard would sometimes fail on startup, enter a "demo" mode, or fail to function after returning from Windows Sleep/Hibernate.

  • ForgetMeNots Updates:

  • Fixed issue where Microbreak countdown kept ForgetMeNot showing for 1 second longer than seemed appropriate.

  • If a large ForgetMeNot was displayed, subsequent ForgetMeNots would be larger than needed for the text shown.

  • Minor UI updates to ForgetMeNots setup wizard page.

  • ForgetMeNots can now display HTML content (e.g. images, formatting, safe links)

  • When you move a ForgetMeNot, subsequent ForgetMeNots are supposed to appear in the new location. RSIGuard wasn't remembering the new location, but now it does.

  • BreakTimer Updates:

  • Added a default filter to prevent breaks while presenting in Microsoft Teams and other applications. However, the new filter is only installed for new RSIGuard installations or after a Factory Reset.

  • Minute-by-minute window would sometimes move around the screen erratically. This has been corrected.

  • Fixed issue where you could enter illogical times for the minimum and maximum period between breaks.

  • If you have the "hide screen during breaks" featured enabled, the minute-by-minute window was being hidden as well. Since it's nice to see your status update as you rest, this has been adjusted so that the window remains visible during the break.

  • AutoClick Updates:

  • AutoClick "visual indicator" of clicks was nearly invisible. It is now much more prominent to help you see where AutoClick is clicking.

  • Fixed typos in AutoClick settings page.

  • Fixed issue with un-closable menu on main RSIGuard window if the window was opened via AutoClick.

  • AutoClick filters now let you populate the type of object you are filtering by hovering over that object while creating the filter, as they did in version 5.

  • OES Integration Updates:

  • RSIGuard now properly supports the "no network ID" method of connecting RSIGuard to the OES, both in function and in the user interface.

  • When connected to the OES, the data menu opens the OES Dashboard. Now a user can press the CTRL key while clicking the data menu to access UserInsight, Todays Statistics, and Export Data.

  • Improvements to user interface of the "enter email to connect to the OES" screen.

  • RSIGuard could hang if the user was not found in the OES while trying to connect. This issue has been addressed.

  • Pressing CTRL + Tools menu causes "Synchronize with Online Profile" to be in menu when a user was not connected to the OES, or not configured to use the OES. This is been corrected.

  • RSIScript Updates:

  • Added "scroll" command. This allows you to create a hotkey to scroll up or down by a specified amount as if using the scroll wheel on a mouse.

  • Fixed issues with the "question" and "queryset" commands.

  • RSIGuard window is now shown in Windows App Switch screens (e.g., Alt-Tab, Windows-Tab).

  • The Administrator's Access passcode screen has now been updated to the RSIGuard v6 UI style.

  • If RSIGuard was unable to connect to a roaming network, local saving of settings could take several seconds. This is been corrected.

  • Improved ability to limit or lock settings.

  • Titlebar of main window now correctly shows username/profile name. It also shows varying modes based on ErgoCoach terminal sessions being detected.

  • ErgoCoach training slides had the letters NOP in the top left corner. Removed this.

  • Numerous fixes to main menu (added ability to hide certain menu items, fixed spelling corrections, etc.)


  • RSIGuard v6 is now fully integrated with Cority OES (Office Ergonomics Suite). Dashboard button goes directly to OES Dashboard!

  • Fixed a bug in which RSIGuard could launch in Demo Mode and not be functional. While this only affected a few users, it was disabling for those users.

  • Improvements to Multiple Monitor usage report to handle a wider variety of configurations.

  • ForgetMeNots countdown window on main display looks nicer with improved text.

  • When configured, user can manage roaming profile, roaming data, and RSIGuard Cloud connection from Tool Gear menu.

  • ErgoCoach 'Quick Ergo Setup' issue has been corrected, and now displays correctly when a new wireless network is detected.

  • RSIGuard windows (like ErgoCoach trainings) now properly appear on top of other windows when opened.

  • Fixed bug that could cause main display window to show Break Window content.

  • On login, RSIGuard doesn't try to take focus from other applications which improves the user experience.

  • Minor improvements to a variety of messages (spelling errors corrected, text made clearer).


  • Support for RSIGuard v6 for Enterprise, including support for central reporting and management.

  • Ctrl +/- zooming now adjusts all screens in RSIGuard to enable easier reader or smaller footprint per user's preference.

  • In some Windows configurations, appearance of a ForgetMeNot or notification could steal focus from another application. Corrected.

  • Fixed issues with break window, including playing YouTube videos (if enabled) and issues with timer countdown.

  • Web browser window now zooms better (e.g. for ErgoCoach training, OES Dashboard, Cloud Connect, etc.), including maximize/restore/resize.

  • RSIGuard now has a better system for handling hotkey conflicts with other applications.

  • Main display text adjusted to fit various resolutions, and some improvements to UI of menus.

  • Corrected issues with Skipped Break Wizard UI.

  • ErgoCoach Sit/Stand reminders UI improvements.

  • Corrected issue with Work Restriction max time warning occurring too soon.

  • Corrected issue that could cause blank ErgoCoach monitor usage report.

  • Fixed issue where Medium willpower prevented skipping breaks when needed.

  • Thorough code security review completed including incorporating latest Chromium Embedded Framework updates.

  • Settings improvements/fixes: Preview of break videos/stretches improvements, hotkey editing issues corrected, hotkey browsing to folders issue corrected.


  • BreakTimer warning about postponing/skipping could appear behind window. Corrected.

  • Numerous UI improvements to main window including showing user how to resize window.

  • BreakTimer window now has a Maximize Window (for fullscreen) button.

  • Fixed issues in AutoClick filter editing UI.

  • Corrected issue that an ErgoCoach training window couldn't be closed.

  • UI improvements in Setup Wizard including a Close button on opening screen (to cancel out of wizard).

  • Addressed some UI issues for multiple monitor configurations.

  • Fixed ErgoCoach virtual terminal feature to properly store settings changes.

  • Addressed some ForgetMeNot timing issues.

  • Fixed issue where default browser wasn't launched when Help was opened.

  • Notifications and minute-by-minute work restriction windows can now be closed if user wishes. Minute-by-minute window now properly remembers its location each time RSIGuard restarts.

  • Work restriction warning window for percentage appeared at correct time, but showed incorrect usage percentage. Also, warning window could be unnecessarily tall. Corrected.

  • Corrected issue in which BreakTimer window steals focus from other applications.

  • Numerous other small updates, UI improvements, and fixes.


  • Fixed an issue in v6.0.2.0 that would default AutoClick to "No Click" in some situations – hence seeming to disable AutoClick.


  • Added Context Help (through F1 key and Help buttons) throughout RSIGuard.

  • Added ErgoAnswers ergonomic training module to help menu.

  • Fixed numerous display issues for ForgetMeNots, settings, Factory Reset, and numerous other windows to work better on a variety of configurations.

  • Added "No Click" option to AutoClick to let AutoClick be enabled on a per-application basis.

  • Improvements to menu navigation via arrow keys.

  • Added Check for Update option to help menu.

  • Fixed various registration issues.

  • Fixed several issues where an RSIGuard window could take focus away from your current activity.

  • When break is starting up and "Hide Screen During Breaks" is enabled, you can now Postpone or Skip the break while the screen is being hidden.

  • Fixed issues with "Hide RSIGuard Window" screen and added "Don't show me this again" checkbox.

  • Improvements to UI of RSIScript window.


  • Major update to User Interface and User Experience of RSIGuard. Many features have been significantly refreshed.


  • RSIScript read command now asks user to provide permission if run on an external script rather than just ignoring the attempt.

  • Fix for Admin Console "Group push of RSIScript" option.


  • Minor update for RSIGuard Cloud feature.


  • Fixed issue in ErgoCoach "Remote Terminal Use" feature that in some scenarios caused high CPU usage when remote terminal was detected.

  • Fixed issue with 'activate showlist'.

  • Released RSIGuard AdminTools 5.0.12: Report text can be zoomed in/out on using CTRL +/-. Fixed font issue in Search screen.


  • Improved handling for offline scenario of RSIGuard Roaming Profiles.

  • Improvements to Pre/Post break RSIScript feature.

  • Added groundwork for future support of an RSIGuard Cloud feature.

  • Various security improvements and minor bugfixes. Updated crash reporting system to latest release.

  • Improved admin controls for adjusting BreakTimer settings.


  • Added $sys(OneDrive) to facilitate using OneDrive cloud drive for storing RSIGuard settings to enable roaming settings.

  • Improvements to Extended Data Logger research feature and minor enhancements to "data-collection only" mode of RSIGuard.

  • Added $version() capacity to see individual components of version number.


  • Added $version() command to RSIScript.

  • Fixed an issue that hotkeys might not be able to launch some RSIScripts.


  • RSIScript security enhancements for networked RSIGuard deployments that use unrestricted NTFS permissions on configuration data.


  • Added $isProcess() to RSIScript to allow for more control of BreakTimer filters, AutoClick filters, and Virtual Terminal filter.

  • Improvements to crash reporting system.

  • Fixed bug that could cause main title bar of RSIGuard window to be cleared (bug in 5.0.16 and 5.0.16a).


  • Added support to estimate amount of time using touch/touch postures.


  • Added support to estimate number of touchscreen touches, and measure duration of touches.


  • Fixed a bug that determined pointer and keyboard information incorrectly.

  • Added Zoom to default BreakTimer filters.

  • Added $o to RSIScript to provide easier access to organization name.

  • Improved error handling for hotkeys using the "Run an RSIScript" option.


  • Fixed a bug that if you suspended breaks until the next restart of RSIGuard, breaks would restart after only a short while.

  • Improved the RSIScript 'wait' command to allow other applications to better update their GUI while RSIGuard is waiting.


  • Added additional OES synchronization options.


  • Updates to UserInsight to improve ability to view historical data.

  • Minor improvements to RSIScript processing.


  • Fixed some issues with the "time until the next ForgetMeNot" display on the main window sometimes being inaccurate.

  • Improvements to ErgoCoach training UI.

  • Added $udata(AvgBreakLength), $udata(AvgTimeBetweenBreaks), $udata(PoliteMode), $udata(WillpowerLevel), $udata(WorkRestriction), $udata(ScheduledBreaks) to RSIScript.

  • Minor security enhancements.

  • Various improvements to the UI for registering single copies of RSIGuard.


  • RSIGuard's built-in web browser now has a maximize button to facilitate reading. Various other improvements to the user interface of the browser window.

  • When BreakTimer or ForgetMeNots are paused, RSIGuard now remembers your previous selection for when you want the feature re-enabled.

  • Various user interface improvements to the ErgoCoach settings pages.


  • Fixed a sizing issue for main window in Microsoft Windows 10.

  • Added ability to explicity type a space using <space> in hotkeys and in the 'type' command.

  • Added RSIScript $sys(MemUsage) to let RSIGuard determine memory usage of processes.

  • Added RSIScript $sys(FullScreenFgrnWnd) to determine if foreground window is in fullscreen mode (useful for BreakTimer filters).

  • Fixed issue that could sometimes causes a BreakTimer filter to not see a window, or the 'activate' command to not activate a window.

  • Improved KeyControl's NumLock helper to not toggle NumLock unnecessarily.

  • Minor UI improvement to info screen that appears when AutoClick is enabled from main window.

  • Improved accuracy of $sys(BreakSecondsRemaining) (which tells how long an active break will remain active).

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a new installation to not be registered correctly until restarted.


  • Fixed the "Set recommended min/max time between breaks", which in some configurations didn't update times.


  • Added new special characters <backslash> <semicolon> <openbracket> and <closebracket> (e.g. for KeyControl hotkeys and type commands).

  • Added $GetArg() operator to enable more sophisticated parsing of strings.

  • User-added ForgetMeNots now are selected to appear slightly more often than they used to.

  • Added ability to control BreakTimer setup wizard options better.

  • Minor UI fixes to AutoClick settings screens.


  • Improved main menu of RSIGuard in Windows installations configured for higher screen magnification.


  • Corrected issues that led to images on some screens being incorrect size and poor layouts when a user was in some screen resolutions. This affected many Windows 10 machines. This impacts the BreakTimer window when using online videos (which now scale correctly to the window size), several setup screens, the About RSIGuard window, and Health Status Reports.

  • Fixed a bug in the 'Show Printable List of Hotkeys' feature of KeyControl that could, in rare situations, lead to garbled data or even a crash.

  • Added numerous $sys() operators to enhance RSIScript capability.


  • Added RSIScript macros: $udata(SECSSINCELASTBREAK) to tell time in seconds since last break, $isadmin() to tell if RSIGuard is in admin mode, and $duration(SECONDS) command to convert a # of seconds to a meaningful display of length of time. (see RSIScript documentation for details)

  • Added RSIScript macros: $data(TK) and $data(TM) to tell keyboard and mouse strain values (see RSIScript documentation for details). Also fixed issues with some legacy $data() values for "today's values".

  • Miscellaneous minor stability fixes and corrections to typos.

  • Added ability to use RSIGuard menu functions via RSIScript (cmd menu) e.g. for KeyControl.

  • Updated options presented for RSIGuard purchase (trial version only).


  • Made it possible to reenable Keyboard Remap feature via a setting.


  • Minor improvements to UserInsight help system.


  • Fixed an issue caused by a Google bug that showed a script error when online videos were shown during breaks.

  • Various miscellaneous updates to help text files.


  • Corrected some links to content on and website.

  • When RSIGuard fails to find a user in the OES, a more informative message is presented.


  • Added Sit Stand preset programs, as well as schedule guidance, to the Sit Stand feature within ErgoCoach.

  • Added context help (pressing F1) to all ErgoCoach settings screens.


  • Added additional support DLLs that prevented RSIGuard from working on older versions of Windows.


  • The RSIGuard application has been scanned and updated per Microsoft's new static code security scanning technology. This sophisticated tool helps ensure that desktop applications have a robust security posture.

  • Numerous improvements to RSIGuard's "type" command to make it more robust in a variety of different environments. This enhances it's use in KeyControl hotkeys, making these an even more powerful way to automate tasks and reduce typing exposure.

  • Various enhancements to RSIScript. Added "debug" command to make it easier to debug the RSIScripts you create. RSIScript is a powerful tool for making KeyControl hotkeys to automate processes to reduce computer exposure. Also corrected obscure issues with the 'noerr' and 'while' commands when used with the 'return' command.

  • RSIGuard is proud to be powered by Enviance, Inc. In many parts of the application, you'll now see the name Enviance, Inc. replacing Remedy Interactive.


  • Fixed typo in the "Try Connecting Again" screen when the network isn't accessible.


  • Added the $choice() pre-processor command to add an easy way to enable users to select from various choices with a single keypress. This is very valuable in KeyControl scripts to enable the user to make scripts more general to various repetitive processes.

  • Added ability in Admin Console 'Groups Settings Change' to more easily push settings packages to users.

  • Added mail command to RSIScript to enable opening a pre-fab email. This command does not actually send email. It enables a reduction of keystrokes/mouse activity by creating a templated email that the user can decide to subsequently send.


  • Fixed issue that some video controllers wouldn't provide monitor information for $sys() command in RSIScript.


  • Corrected ErgoCoach message shown when a user selects "multiple pointing devices" option in setup wizard (to no longer suggest visiting deprecated "Personalization" settings tab).

  • Improvements to error tracking of network issues if Startup.txt is not readable from network.


  • Improvement to Health Status Report UI to allow for a slightly longer custom replacement question for the "Please Contact Me" question.

  • Improvements to the RSIScript 'stretchedit' command.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Startup.txt being read properly if it's location was specified as a particular form of UNC network path.



  • Added a default BreakTimer filter to block breaks when user is sharing the screen in Cisco WebEx Meeting Center.

  • Restored ability to double click on "Next Break" window to see how the time until next break was calculated.

  • The break window shows the text "KEYBOARD and MOUSE will be disabled in a few seconds" at the start of breaks. That text is now customizable.

  • Made some additional network warning messages optional.


  • Added tooltips to all items on the main RSIGuard window to help improve user experience, especially in situations where users have received limited or no introduction to RSIGuard (e.g. no use of and/or disabled Setup Wizard.

  • Changed the "re-enable BreakTimer/ForgetMeNots" popup to make it clearer to a user that they just disabled a feature, and are being asked when RSIGuard should automatically re-enable it.

  • Improvements to 'activate' RSIScript command. Added option to show a list of all (or some) open windows to help figure out how to specify an activate command. If activated window is iconized, it is properly restored before being activated. The "pick list" updates dynamically. And an option is available to avoid the pick list by activating the first item in the list.

  • Removed the "keyboard remap" feature because it was not functional in many applications in newer versions of Windows, and because its functionality can be largely replaced with KeyControl hotkeys.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a failure to load network settings if RSIGuard crashed during a previous attempt to load settings from the network.

  • The 'Visit RSIGuard Website' button on the About Screen no longer follows the link to an organization's safety website, but instead goes to unless otherwise specified.


  • Minor improvements to user interface for setup of online (YouTube) stretches during breaks.


  • Significant improvements to "Multiple Monitor" report information and layout.

  • Added $AppAtPoint() to allow scripts to detect what application they are over (useful, for example, for AutoClick filters that use RSIScript).

  • RSIGuard MSI packages now use higher-security SHA-256 digital signatures.


  • AutoClick filters can now use RSIScript, enabling more sophisticated filters. Also improved the UI for the AutoClick filters setup screen.

  • Added $cwd() to RSIScript to allow scripts to reference their own folder.


  • Removed Device Lookup tool by default for 45-day trial.

  • Minor improvements to html window's handling of blank documents and some minor stability improvements.


  • Fixed bug in $findimg() that could cause a rare crash when doing a screen image searche.

  • Added ability to send html post data via html window.



  • Improved UI and visibility of YouTube Channels feature (added to setup wizard, and updated current UI).


  • Added ability to remove warning if data is moved to a new network location that already has data present.


  • Fixed issues with $findimg() that could cause a crash in some scenarios. Also optimized screen search to make it faster.

  • Added warning to Admin Console if it can't read HR data because it's locked in another application (like Excel). Also fixed issue if you had 16+ HR fields in Admin Console.


  • Improved $sys(ExeFolder) to be more accurate.

v5.0.6g Guardian (Australian Edition)

  • Fixed an obscure crash related to some video controllers. It would only happen once, but this prevents even the single crash.


  • Updated $findimg() to allow optional final parameter that specifies match tolerance. Default is 0 (exact match required), but greater values specify how far the "needle" image can be from the image in the "haystack". Typical range for tolerance might be 10 to 50.

  • Improvements to RSIScript security in pre-processing.

  • Fixed $datestr() to properly handle manually supplied datestamp values.


  • If Roaming Profile is not accessible, user now has option to have RSIGuard try again.

  • Fixed some edge-case issues with $findimg()

  • Question command now requires at least 1 answer.


  • ForgetMeNots now have the option to have RSIGuard speak the text of the reminder aloud.

  • Improved how AutoClick interacts with scrolling the mouse. Now it is less likely to "not click" when you want it to after a scroll.


  • If a break or microbreak/ForgetMeNot is coming within the next few minutes, the "Next Break" window on the main RSIGuard window focuses on imminent break.

  • Improved ForgetMeNot/microbreak timing to give more logical credit for natural breaks, and also allow the "natural break credit" algorithm to be customized per user or organization.


  • Improved security privileges management in RSIScript.

  • Added RSIScript command $usergroup() to allow processing based on which Windows user group a user is in.

  • Added BreakSkipped.txt and BreakPostponed.txt scripts that allow processing to occur when a user skips or postpones a break.

  • Fixed bug that could let user create blank hotkey.


  • Added $between() to test for betweenness for numbers and strings.

  • Enhanced 'msg log' and added 'msg locclr' to enable RSIGuard to create custom end-user surveys.


  • Added $data(FIELD,period) feature. This important update offers the ability to modify settings, rules, and other features dynamically based on current and historical usage values. For example, the ability and extent to which one can postpone breaks can be based on today's behavior, or that of last week or month. Or, a BreakTimer filter could be auto-disabled if a user has skipped too many breaks.

  • Added $round(value,#digits) to round a number to N digits at most. This is useful for displaying values from the $data() function.

  • Added ability to see numeric representation of risk on main window (in addition to qualitative Low/Med/High ranking).

  • Improved accuracy of statistical averages in Health Status Reports.


  • Fixed error in ErgoCoach's Monitor Report in recommendation about use of a primary monitor vs. centering both monitors. Also improved distance recommendations.

  • For OES-integrated RSIGuard, added new options to allow user to correct typos or correct other errors that might prevent the establishing of a connection.

  • Fixed inefficiency in how ForgetMeNots were stored in roaming profiles that could cause excessive/slow disk activity on slow networks.

  • In OES Desktop mode, clicking the RSIGuard icon now directly brings the main RSIGuard window to the foreground (instead of asking user for confirmation).

  • Added ability for OES to refresh RSIGuard's user-interface.

  • Fixed issue that deletion of a setting didn't persist in a roaming profile.


  • Added $sys(CursorPos) to allow scripts to consider/save current mouse position within macros.

  • Added Window option to $findImg() to let RSIScripts specify that they want to search specific open windows for graphical images/buttons.

  • Added $EmbeddedHTML() to RSIScript to let scripts act differently if the current version of RSIGuard supports RSIScript embedded in HTML.

  • Changed default break interruption method for Call Center Edition to not pop up break window automatically, even if user ignores "Break Needed" button.


  • Improved rendering of text and logo in notification messages.


  • The Postpone 10 minutes button on the BreakTimer screen now will reduce to a shorter time if breaks can't be postponed a full 10 minutes.

  • When a stretch continues past the end of a required break, the 'Skip Break' button becomes an 'Exit' button to allow a user to exit the break without it being treated as skipping. However, if Willpower was set to Very Low, the 'Skip Break' button was disabled, and so was the 'Exit' button. Corrected.


  • Fixed typo in BreakTimer wizard page.

  • Added $btfilter() to RSIScript to test if any BreakTimer filter is true (returns the first true condition).

  • Improved UI for setting up Extended DataLogger


  • Added $sys(CompTypeName) to RSIScript to return text version of computer type.

  • The $findimg() screen scanner now lets you specify a rectangle to which limit the scan. This allows creating BreakTimer filters, and macros that move the mouse to particular locations, in a more efficient manner.

  • BreakTimer filters that are use RSIScript expressions can now have easily readable names.


  • Fixed UI issues in Call Center edition of setup wizard discomfort questions.

  • Quoted fields in Extended Datalogger to allow for easy import into Excel.


  • Corrected issue with graphics on main display (background for statistics could be in wrong position).

  • Added additional fields to Extended DataLogger and reminder (on startup) if the extended data is being collected.


  • Fixed bug in Browse Online Videos (and online video preview) that could cause a "page not found" error to be displayed.

  • UserInsight: Added additional fields to the "export data" function.



  • Made cursor in dashboard indicate busy state while loading a new web page.


  • Added warning to SmartCursor feature to alert users to the ways it affects mouse behavior.

  • Increased security of RSIGuard communication (to use SHA-2 SSL for all server accesses).


  • Microbreak compliance calculation now considers percentage of time throughout day that a user has microbreaks disabled.

  • Made sending of data to OES (OES Desktop only) more compressed, and thus more efficient.

  • If RSIGuard detects damaged DataLogger data, it now logs corrections in the registry.

  • Added RSIScript command to unregister RSIGuard (register 0).


  • Updates to Overall Break Compliance calculation within RSIGuard (not applicable to OES) to consider percentage of time BreakTimer is enabled.

  • If main window displays that BreakTimer is disabled, it now makes that indicator bold if a break is needed and would be recommended if the BreakTimer were reenabled.

  • Online video feature now better handles invalid or closed video channels.

  • Fixed typo in confirmation message when you delete a stretch in stretch settings.

  • Updated image of keyboard in keyboard remapping feature.


  • Added additional break settings that can be predefined in Setup Wizard.

  • Enhanced detection of multiple instances of RSIGuard to detect issue of an organization's software deployment tool launching 2 copies of RSIGuard.


  • Additional video error reporting to help user select an optimal video renderer when codec problems exist.

  • Added an appropriate message in stretch screen if an organization has disabled playback of stretch videos.


  • Added $languageosid(INDEX) to access default Windows locale, language, UI language.

  • Added ability to control which video renderer and format are used for situations where a user's computer has video configuration issues that impact their ability to play back stretch videos. Also added additional debugging information when stretch playback issues occur.

  • Added better warning messages if RSIGuard can't communicate with OES server.


  • Fixed bugs that could cause crash if you reassign a hotkey's keystroke, if monitor optimization periodic report was enabled, if some screensavers started during a break, and other miscellaneous issues.

  • Added more informative error messages if videos are unplayable.


  • BreakTimer Filters can now be specified using RSIScript expressions, allowing for more flexible filtering.

  • RSIGuard's ability to work in virtual environments (e.g. VM sessions, RDC, terminal servers, etc.) is extended to allow for using an RSIScript expression to determine if a session is active.

  • Added $contains(Haystack,Needle) RSIScript for string searching.

  • Added $sys(ForegroundClass) and $sys(ForegroundApp) to allow for more ways to allow RSIScript to understand context.

  • Added ability to remove selected Willpower options during setup wizard, and minor improvements to UI of 'current discomfort' page of wizard.

  • Added option for setup wizard to maintain a constant break length regardless of discomfort level.


  • Added RSIScript NoErr command to allow for future backwards compatibility with RSIScripts.

  • Enhanced OES connection process options for users not in OES database.


  • Fixed a bug in scheduled breaks that in rare cases could cause RSIGuard to crash.

  • Corrected a problem that could cause a break to appear when you return from a long idle period (e.g. overnight, or after computer was in sleep/hibernate).


  • For scheduled breaks, the break window now reports the time the break was scheduled for.

  • Added ability to turn off "lookup devices" feature in ErgoCoach.


  • Corrected incorrect reporting of version number in 5.0.3b.

  • Added additional internet error information.


  • Fixed typo in ErgoCoach feature that warns user to limit use of external devices.

  • Added $language(), $languagecode(), and $languagename() commands to RSIScript.


  • Fixed bug in RSIScript command $exedir()


  • Added a new feature to reduce break compliance score when breaks are postponed, disabled, or blocked using filters or blackout times.

  • Added new statistics that more precisely measure when the BreakTimer, ForgetMeNots, and microbreaks are enabled vs. disabled.

  • Fixed a bug that in some situations would prevent RSIGuard from being able to save settings for users with roaming profiles.

  • Enhancements to RSIGuards crash reporting system to provide more useful information to our developers.

  • In OES Desktop 'Quiet' Mode, removed access to ErgoCoach settings.

  • Fixed some display issues with 'Next break/microbreak' times if either breaks or microbreaks were disabled.


  • Added $sys(REMOTESESSION) and $sys(SYSTEMMETRIC,index) to RSIScript to allow keying off of system factors like, for example, if RSIGuard is running in a remote session.


  • To make break compliance calculations more meaninfgul, during periods of very low activity, break compliance won't consider skipped or taken breaks.

  • Clicking on last break on main screen now shows an experimental "Last break and break compliance detail" screen.

  • The title bar of the break window tells why RSIGuard is suggesting a break. If you minimized and then expanded the window, this message was replaced. Fixed this issue.

  • Changed term Shared/Hot Desk to Shared Workspace in ErgoCoach feature.


  • Improved user interface of KeyControl hotkey definition to prevent letting user create blank hotkeys (i.e. with no assigned function).

  • Enhancements to crash report feature.


  • Added statistic to count number of keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Alt-Tab, Ctrl-C) used.


  • Minor enhancement to Overall Break Compliance calculation.

  • Updates to help files for Work Restrictions and Detailed BreakTimer settings.

  • Minor changes: Added new OES connection method. Updated $sys("NoticeState"). Minor bug fix for Health Status Reports. Minor bug fix for "speak" command. Fixed issue that an extra separator could appear in Tools menu. Fixed issue with $writeable() if 2nd parameter (wait time) was missing. Made some warning messages include additional useful information. Removed dependency on Windows LAN library. Minor fix to restart command. Minor fix to MD5 encryption. Fixed bug in while command that if the while loop did an "exit", the while loop wouldn't break out.

  • Released RSIGuard AdminTools 5.0.2: Fixed an issue that GroupInsight failed if HR data file was locked in another application like Excel. Fixed issue with export of data. UserInsight enhancements to graphs of time using built-in devices of notebook computers.


  • Changed default timing for ErgoCoach warning for extensive use of built-in keyboard & mouse to an initial warning at 60 minutes, then every 30 minutes.


  • Added Factory Reset command to RSIScript, as well as a menu item that is available by pressing Ctrl when you click the Tools menu.


  • Enhancements to BreakTimer YouTube videos/channels feature


  • Improved quality for BreakTimer YouTube videos/channels feature

  • Minor tuning of ForgetMeNots timing algorithm to be a little more sensitive to natural rest by default

  • Fixed issues with audio volume control during breaks

  • Added "speak" command to RSIScript to allow speaking of general text, or whatever text you have selected in an application.


  • Improvements to OES handling of a user not being in OES database (OES only)

  • Added $notice() to report if a notification window is visible

  • Improvements to $sys(connected)

  • Fixed bug in export of data within UserInsight


  • Improvements to accuracy of calculation of overall break compliance

  • Added alternating "break compliance" display to Last Break statistic to allow a user to dynamically see how their break behaviors affect break compliance level

  • Changed spelling of "builtin" to "built-in" in several places

  • Minor improvement to ErgoCoach sit-stand reminder timing


  • Added feedback noise if user keeps typing/mousing when blocked during a break

  • Fixed typo in ErgoCoach Shared-Workstation settings and in Notebook Computer built-in devices warning

  • Fixed issue with feature that disables RSIGuard for users not in HR database


  • Added ability to delete YouTube stretches or channels inBreakTimer YouTube videos/channels feature

  • Removed "pre-release" message from Multiple Monitor report

  • Fixed issue that Sit-Stand reminders weren't always enabled/disabled after visit to settings screen until RSIGuard restarted

  • Minor UI changes to Stretch Settings screen

  • Removed "Click OK to 'resume'" message


  • Release of ErgoCoach feature & BreakTimer YouTube videos/channels feature

  • Added a new crash handler that allows a user to provide RSIGuard support with better information about why the crash occurred

  • UI Improvements to "Next ForgetMeNot" time window on main window (some text didn't fit)

  • Enhancements to $infile() function (ignores extra spaces, allows wildcard searches)

  • Pressing Enter no longer closes an HTML window

  • Added $sys(network) and $sys(connected) and $sys(wirelessprofile) command


  • Fixed problem that prevented double clicks from being counted.

  • Fixed a problem for hotkeys that run RSIScripts that prevented the scripts from working if the RSIScript file did not end in a carriage return.

  • If you have Microbreaks set to lock you out of mouse/keyboard if you ignore them, the [X] button to close the ForgetMeNots is hidden.

  • Fixed 3 rare crashes that could occur when: enabling/disabling BreakTimer from main window; running the Setup Wizard; creating a hotkey.


  • When break window pops up, the caption of the break window now explains why you got the break. This is very useful if you get breaks and don't know why RSIGuard suggested the break.

  • Minute-by-minute restriction now warns you about the maximum possible length of a restriction-induced break. In conjunction with the previous item, this helps avoid situations where a user may be confused by a potentially long break suggestion.

  • Changed many warning messages to include "RSIGuard" in the caption to make it clear that the warning is from RSIGuard.

  • UI improvement to "recent work" window (that you get by clicking on mouse/keyboard bars on main RSIGuard window)

  • Fixed problem in Stepwise Break calculation (that you get by double-clicking on "Next Break" time) where times of 0 seconds would show as "---" instead of "0s".

  • Added ability to delete settings in RSIScript, and to allow quoted strings.

  • Fixed minor issues with OES communication.


  • Changed RSIGuard video rendering to use a more modern video renderer in Windows 7 and later to produce better looking video, and better playback reliability. This also improved issues with locking computers, e.g. via Win+L, Ctrl+Alt+Del, or smartcard removal.

  • Added additional improvements to KeyControl hotkey "key helper" feature.

  • Significant improvements to ForgetMeNots timing logic to make ForgetMeNots feel more logically timed around natural breaks.

  • The threshold for "extended natural rests" that is used by the maximum time between breaks without long breaks was changed from being fixed at 10 minutes to correspond to the greater of 4 minutes or the "average break length" setting.

  • Fixed issue with "Start of Day Warmup Stretch" that could lead to back-to-back warm-up breaks being displayed.

  • The $netinfo() command now accept string descriptions of the requested piece of network information.

  • Enhancements to min/max time between breaks user-interface to insure only valid entries are used.

  • Fixed a user-interface issue that could potentially crash RSIGuard.

  • Added ability to "Clear All Settings" (i.e. factory reset) option to admin settings screen.

  • Changed AutoClick visuals to be more visible and faster.

  • Corrected issue that RSIGuard-typed text was occasionally being detected as real typing.

  • Addressed issue that could potentially cause Windows warning message "This action cannot be completed because the other application is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy application and correct the problem."

  • RSIGuard now sports the new Remedy Interactive logos.


  • Added a feature to KeyControl to help users avoid selecting key combinations that would conflict with Windows or hotkeys from other software.

  • Major improvements to RSIGuard's ability to limit typing/mousing during breaks and restricted microbreaks

  • RSIGuard now resets "maximum time between breaks" counter when you reach the greater of 4 minutes or your "average length of break" time (instead of the previous fixed 10 minute threshold). This improves RSIGuard's ability to encourage people to take natural breaks by allowing them to replace RSIGuard breaks with natural breaks by making it less likely to "return from a break" and get an RSIGuard break suggestion too soon thereafter.

  • New options for $sys() command.

  • Added ability to hide BreakTimer filters feature.

  • Fixed a font issue that sometimes could degrade the look of text in RSIGuard screens.

  • Fixed an issue with BreakTimer Filters that were defined to require an exact match to a program's name.

  • Improvements to ForgetMeNots timing.


  • "Next Break" window on RSIGuard screen now periodically also shows when the next ForgetMeNot/microbreak will be presented.

  • Miscellaneous fixes to v5.0.0


  • Beta release of ErgoCoach for notebook computers, multiple monitors, sit-stand desks, virtual machines, shared hot-desks. ErgoCoach is a set of features designed to address specific risks associated with various computer configurations/environments.

  • Beta release of ErgoCoach daily trainings to provide incremental detailed information to work more safely in various environments.

  • Beta release of ForgetMeNots channels to provide targeted ForgetMeNots based on your computer configuration.

  • Beta release of BreakTimer Video Channels to allow subscribing to selected YouTube channels during breaks.

  • Beta release of SmartCursor feature to help reduce mouse movement, especially for multiple monitor setups.

  • Restructuring of RSIGuard Setup Wizard.

  • Dozens of new ForgetMeNots messages cover many new ergonomics topics.

  • UserInsight now shows time on built-in keyboard and pointer if using a notebook computer (vs. external keyboard & mouse). Also includes overall time using builtin devices on notebook computers.

  • Enhancements to web-based dashboards.

  • Added Settings Presets feature that allows an organization to configure "pre-defined settings options".

  • Added $udata(ACTIVESECS) and $udata(SECSSINCEEXTIDLE)

  • Dozens of minor fixes and improvements to almost every RSIGuard feature.

  • Better Eye Position for 3+ monitors situation

  • Added option of a powerful license tracking feature for organizations that need, but don't have, an internal tracking mechanism.

  • Added a sophisticated debugging system to allow RSIGuard support to more quickly resolve any RSIGuard problems for all users.

  • Changed "notice of a new version" to offer a visit to the Release Notes to show changes since your last version.

  • Enhancements to locking of settings to a specific value or range of values.

  • Added statistic "Time spent waiting for a user to start break in polite mode".

  • Added alternate option for "simplified method of defining break schedule".

  • Added ability to replace RSIGuard setup wizard with a web-based tutorial/wizard customized to each organization.


  • Enhancements to "lockable" settings feature.

  • Fixed issue that could cause risk score label to incorrectly appear on main window.

  • Fixed issue that could cause setup wizard to cause RSIGuard to exit.


  • Changed some access from http: to https:.

  • Updates to license tracking features.


  • Update to display of risk score on main display.


  • Added ability to change risk presentation to not include score, or not be present at all.

  • Added more info to the "you are holding down a key" warning message in the KeyControl feature.



  • Fixed a bug that could cause the BreakTimer window to stop counting down if you clicked in the window during a break.


  • Improvements RSIScript '$findobj()' command which improve RSIGuard's ability to make hotkeys automatically move the mouse to parts of the screen based on text or image.

  • Fixed issues with RSIScript 'activate' command which enables hotkeys/macros to bring particular applications to the foreground.


  • Fixed a bug that could lead to poor responsiveness to typing and error messages about the data folder not being available.

  • Improved tools for tracking $infile() usage for controlling which users use RSIGuard at an organization.


  • Added additional license tracking features for organizations.


  • Fixed bug that could potentially cause RSIGuard to crash in settings screen or when accessing icon in tool tray.



  • Added a more sophisticated error reporting system to help resolve bugs more rapidly.


  • Removed dependency on wlanapi.lib on Windows platforms that don't include this support automatically.



  • Improved support for main-window BreakTimer/ForgetMeNot buttons and locked settings

  • RSIScript security updates

  • Updates to dashboard URL name parsing

  • Removed "Missing Roaming Profile has been restored..." message, which was accurate, but not necessary for end-users to see.


  • Updated dashboards to use latest version of browser available.


  • Fixed typo in "Manage Roaming Profile" screen (dynamically was misspelled).

  • Made $exedir() available to all RSIScripts.

  • Changed security level for scripts running in RSIGuard program folder.

  • If RSIGuard's attempt to store data in the local data folder or documents folder fails, it now gives a more useful error message letting with the specifics of the problem.



  • OES Integrated only - fixed bug (created in 4.0.36a) that could inaccurately count mouse/keyboard events in some situations.

  • Added terminal detection feature to allow RSIGuard to operate correctly when installed both on a local computer and on a remote computer (e.g. VMWare, Remote Desktop Connection, Terminal Server, etc.)

  • Added detection of wireless network changes for Mobile Device Quick Setup Guide feature.

  • Added "mouse lefthanded toggle" command to enable changing between left and right handedness via RSIScript (i.e. via hotkeys).


  • Corrected an issue with $infile() RSIScript command.


  • GroupInsight: Extended ability to add custom fields (up to 20 custom fields) and gracefully deal with situation where more fields are present.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Drag Lock hotkey to stop dragging right after it started in rare cases.

  • Added digital signature to MSI packages.


  • Added new Wizard Page to 45-day trial that does device information survey to enhance device-based risk estimate.


  • Addressed "certificate revocation" issue for OES Desktop users without full access to CA websites.


  • Improvement to ForgetMeNots timing for users who have BreakTimer disabled.


  • Added more informative warning message if data folder isn't configured correctly.


  • Added security option to prevent externally created RSIScripts from being run.


  • Fix to Drag Lock hotkey start/stop issue.


  • Improvements to "schedule" command for giving events an ID, allowing repeating events based on evaluating an expression, and ability to stop a scheduled event using its ID.


  • Made medical questions in Health Status Reports be an optional field.

  • Added web check-in feature for individual, unregistered copies of RSIGuard.

  • Scheduled events ("schedule" command) now persist restart or even reboot of RSIGuard.


  • Added Devices wizard page and a link on Personalization setup page to get to online device confirmation.

  • Added "html caption" command to let you change the <title>-like caption of an html dashboard.

  • Various improvements to "notice" command.

  • Fixed ForgetMeNots and Minute-By-Minute work restrictions to work better with multiple monitors.

  • Added $findobj() and $findimg() operators to allow moving mouse to objects or use image recognition to move to images.

  • Improvements to keyboard and mouse scanning to work better in the ever-changing world of Windows.


  • Added "mouse movetoimg" command.

  • Improvements to html dashboard.

  • Enhanced $sys() feature for monitors/screens.

  • Improved error reporting for internet errors.


  • Enhanced "integrate" command to allow more extensive configuration keying based on HR data values.

  • Enabled the "schedule at" command to schedule commands to happen the following day.

  • Added "schedule show" command to show all scheduled events.

  • Added "sendhsr asktostart" command to allow time-scheduled Health Status Reports


  • Improvements to Auto Click Filter Definition user interface (won't let you create filters with blank names).

  • Added "mouse movetoobj" which will move the mouse cursor to a particular part of the current application (for use in hotkey macros),


  • Better support for multiple monitors: RSIGuard's position on screen now properly handles multiple monitors. Hide screen during breaks uses a shaded block that now blocks multiple monitors.

  • Better support for changing the network roaming profile in cases where the new location is not yet accessible.

v4.0.35dAD (Administrator Tools)

  • UserInsight: Fixed bug in Export Data where data would be exported to wrong folder.


  • Improvements to clickable notices (better UI indicates that they are clickable with mouseover graphics).

  • Added RSIScript $udata() function to get current values of various DataLogger statistics.

  • Added "at" and "atstamp" options to "schedule" command.

  • Updates to RSIScript $isrunning() function.

  • Added ability to create an RSIScript rule, that when true, can prevent a break from starting.

  • Added ability to create an RSIScript rule, that when true, will delay notices from displaying.

  • Added RSIScript $iskey() to test if a key is pressed down.

  • RSIScript "msg post" and "msg time" functions have been deprecated.


  • Fixed issue with "type" command bug that prevented typing some special characters.

  • Fixed "insert text file" option in KeyControl hotkeys to work with more applications.

  • RSIScript "notice" command updated to add more support for integrated OES functionality.

  • If BreakTimer, ForgetMeNots, or AutoClick or locked in off position, main panel button now hides (and other buttons reconfigure accordingly). Some other UI support for locked-off BreakTimer.


  • Improved counting of mouse clicks. In some modern applications, RSIGuard could over-count mouse clicks. This corrects that issue and may improve AutoClick performance in some situations as well.


  • Better handling for the rare situation in which a computer doesn't support playback of WMV video.

  • Added $writeable() command to RSIScript to allow more flexible configuration options.

  • Improved the algorithm for changing storage location to handle additional network scenarios (applies to updating installation packages).


  • Additional improvements to break compliance measurement algorithm to match v4.0.35AD tools.

v4.0.35AD (Administrator Tools)

  • GroupInsight: Added columns to list view to show break compliance, risk, total hours, mouse & keyboard strain.

  • GroupInsight: Updated algorithm and text descriptions for break compliance improving clarity and accuracy.

  • GroupInsight: Enhancements to demo mode.

  • GroupInsight: Added ability to search by RSIGuard version.

  • UserInsight: Updated algorithm for break compliance.


  • Improvements to break compliance measurement algorithm.

  • Added additional support for VMWare and MS Virtual PC operation.

  • Improved AutoClick settings descriptive text in settings screen.


  • Fixed a DataLogger issue that resulted if user moved system date to the future for a while and then restored it to correct date.


  • Fixed issues around disabling RSIGuard for users not in OES database.


  • Minor updates to make RSIGuard launch-able from a login script.


  • Administrator Console now shows last usage in sortable order.

  • Administrator settings now has an option to change how RSIGuard monitors key and mouse events.


  • Minor fix to graphics on main display of time statistics.


  • Fixed bug that in some specific scenarios could cause mouse time to be underreported.

  • Fixed new risk level indicator to correctly track state of BreakTimer and microbreaks features.

  • Fixed issue with registration codes.


  • UserInsight: Fixed bug in UserInsight could prevent RSIGuard from launching it under Windows 7.

  • UserInsight: Enhanced display of time durations (e.g. time on computer, mouse, keyboard) to be higher resolution for low values.

  • Added option for dynamically displaying Risk Level, mouse time, and keyboard time statistics on main display (under Setup, Display Options menu).

  • Improved calculation of BreakTimer compliance by making skip-break and completed breaks only affect BreakTimer compliance if you have at least 25% strain.

  • Fixed a registration issue that could prevent registration codes starting in 'T' from working.


  • Fixed issue that could make RSIGuard be busy processing for several seconds after you edited settings.


  • Fixed a Windows 7 AutoClick issue that in some cases made sequential AutoClicks require a long delay between clicks.

  • AutoClick video link now links to a YouTube video.

  • Updated Keycontrol wizard page to be clearer and easier to use.

  • Removed "Show Hotkey List" menu item and replaced it with a button in the hotkey setup screen.

  • UserInsight: Fixed bug that on 64-bit machines, context help wasn't displayed properly.

  • Fixed bug in keyboard/mouse work restriction that made the "you exceeded your limit" window pop up every few seconds if there was no other time restriction set as well.

  • Enhanced RSIGuard's ability to handle damaged DataLogger data.

  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes, text typos, and minor graphics improvements.

  • Changed menu item "View keyboard analysis tool" to "View keyboard statistics" to be consistent with window title.

  • Made "send data files" feature ask for recipient (instead of using a default).

  • Fixed issues related to updating the storage location of the data folder.

  • Fixed an issue with hardware detection.


  • Added support for RSIGuard in a Microsoft AppV environment.

v4.0.32jAD (Administrator Tools)

  • GroupInsight: Now shows the search description in the report so you can more easily tell what defined the result set.


  • If RSIScript 'open' command fails, the error message now includes Windows' error number.

  • Fixed bug that GroupInsight couldn't be launched from Administrator's Console under 64-bit Windows.

  • Administrator's Console is now a resizeable window.


  • Access to front panel BreakTimer and ForgetMeNot buttons is now independently controlled from general access to BreakTimer/ForgetMeNot settings.

v4.0.32gAD (Administrator Tools)

  • GroupInsight: Optimized "Select All" feature. Previously for datasets of 10,000 plus employees, it took a while to select all records. This now occurs about 50X faster.

  • GroupInsight: Removed association of .hsr files with GroupInsight

  • GroupInsight: Updated GroupInsight to use new Health Status Report discomfort points and quetions based on v4.0.32g and generally work better with HSRs.

  • GroupInsight: Added "Rebuild from Source Files" menu option which downloads new HSRs and rereads TIDs (ignoring cached optimization files).

  • GroupInsight: Removed all the Open/Synchronize menu items which were no longer useful.

  • GroupInsight: For Contact Requests, added contact email & phone as provided on HSR surveys as of 4.0.32g.


  • Major updates to Health Status Reports: In response to more customers using HSRs since the release of v4.0.32b, the HSR survey was  reviewed and substantially updated. Removed some superfluous questions, added a "contact me" section, changed the default "checkbox" questions, improved the discomfort points locations, added optional privacy policy button, and made free-text comments section be optional.

  • KeyControl hotkeys using DoRSIScript now show errors that occur during execution to make debugging them easier.


  • Fixed another issue related to locking a computer during a break in Windows Vista/Windows 7 (see v4.0.32d for more details).

  • Fixed bug that in some uncommon configurations, the log file created for remote settings editing could have an incorrect name.


  • Added "window next" command that switches to the next window in Z order. This makes it possible to create a hotkey with "Alt-Tab" like functionality.

  • AdminTools: Fixed minor issue for 64-bit Windows.


  • Updated warning message that appears when RSIGuard's and Windows's "left hand mouse" setting are mismatched and made it only appear when AutoClick is enabled (because otherwise the mismatch isn't relevant).

  • Fixed issue in which RSIGuard conflicted with Windows Aero theme when a break was in progress and a user pressed Win+L to lock their computer.


  • Health Status Reports that identify new or increased discomfort send users to a custom webpage for reporting their discomfort to their organization.


  • Fixed issue in which Group Settings Changes did not take affect on previously locked settings.

  • Made the log file for remotely-changed-settings be more human readable.

  • "mode ui rsiguard" now runs if the wizard hasn't been run yet for the current profile.

  • If BreakTimer/ForgetMeNot enabled setting is locked, the BreakTimer and ForgetMeNots button on main panel now limit how long you can disable those features to 1 hour.


  • Reorganized settings tree in the Admin Console Group Settings Change window and added ability to set RSIGuard mode and edition. Also updated some user-interface aspects of the Group Settings Change window.

  • Added "mode" command to allow RSIScript control of OESDesktop modes and RSIGuard editions

  • Fixed bug in "update datafolder" command that shows an irrelevant warning message if you are offline to the new fileserver network when the update occurs


  • Enhancements to RSIScript that allow semi-colon-separated commands to appear in $if() statements (as opposed to $do() clauses).


  • Enhancements to Minute-by-Minute work restriction algorithm and display.

  • Added some warning messages if RSIGuard finds file permissions that prevent remote settings control from working correctly.


  • Fixed bug that limited KeyControl hotkeys with RSIScript commands to about 300 characters in length.

  • Added 'while' clause to 'wait' command to allow commands like 'wait 10 while {{$not($foreground(Notepad))}}'. A command like that says wait up to 10 seconds for Notepad to become the foreground application.

  • Added 'datafile merge' command to merge two RSIGuard data files. Fixed obscure bug related to merging two data files where one file was v2 and the other was v3 data.

  • Improvements and optimizations to RSIScript preprocessing.

v4.0.31eAD (Administrator Tools)

  • GroupInsight updates:

  • Fixed bug in GroupInsight that group email sending could crash if user didn't have a C:\Temp folder.

  • Moved default location for GroupInsight presets from "My Documents\GroupInsight Find Presets" to "My Documents\GroupInsight\Find Presets".

  • Made group email wizard remember the last "From email address" the next time the wizard runs.

  • Group email now writes an email log file (in "My Documents\GroupInsight\EmailLog") that shows msg as well as success/failure of sending to each recipient. If errors occur, GroupInsight offers to display log after send process completes.


  • Fixed slow memory leak that affected RSIGuard on notebook computers with RSIGuard v4.0.31 to 31f.

  • If HR Data file is specified, but not present, Admin Console issues a warning message. The warning can be permanently dismissed if desired.

  • Improved support for WMV file playback.

  • Minor enhancements to UI of BreakTimer Skip Break verifications.

  • Temp folder now always uses Windows Temp folder if available.

  • Health Status Reports settings are not based on user rather than profile.

  • Improved error messages for warning about missing required Config folder access rights.

v4.0.31aAD (Administrator Tools)

  • GroupInsight: Database building was significantly incorrectly calculating some statistics in certain situations.

  • GroupInsight: Added ability to specify small, medium, or large demo data set in demo mode.

  • GroupInsight: Added ability to get to UserInsight from GroupInsight (right click or double click on user, or use toolbar button).

  • GroupInsight: Fixed the main title for reports when Health Status Reports are included.

  • GroupInsight Fixed issue with "Contact Requested" label.

  • GroupInsight: Sorting by Last Usage now correctly uses date order.


  • Added "while" loop command to RSIScript.

  • Stretch Edition vs. Call Center Edition is now a software-settable setting.

  • Fixed UI in "Hide Window to System Tray" warning screen.

  • Various minor improvements with OES communication & startup process.

  • Improved how RSIGuard handles launching of external scripts, and running a 2nd instance.

  • Changed "Show Icon" setting to be user-specific.


  • Extended ability to have RSIGuard create a "Startup" shortcut for some deployment configurations.


  • Enhancements to "Not communicating with OES" window.

  • Fixed bug in checkboxes in settings screens where in some cases, the setting might not be saved.

  • Added warning to Stretch settings screen if you enabled start of day warm up stretch to let you know what will happen in that mode. Also added warning if you have disabled lots of stretches compared to # of stretches shown per break to let you know stretches will repeat often.

  • Fixed bug that caused RSIGuard to sometimes be brought to the foreground during communication with OES.

  • Enhancements to "type" command to make it perform better when used in an RSIScript.

  • Updates to OES-data protocol.


  • UserInsight now allows scrolling through data in time domain using the arrow keys or scroll buttons.


  • Added new "version 3" data framework to support additional data recording and risk analysis. "Version 1" data (present in versions of RSIGuard from before 11/2002) is no longer supported in RSIGuard. After running this (or later versions of RSIGuard), data files are no longer readable by versions v4.0.30a or earlier. Earlier versions of RSIGuard will subsequently smoothly ignore those data files and not try to record data anymore. Click here to view the Technical Note regarding this item.

  • Data files now store data at least as far back as January 1st of the previous year (e.g. between 1 & 2 years of data are present in TID files).

  • Improvements to DataLogger algorithm that counts "words typed". Improved algorithm that times time on keyboard, mouse, and computer in general. Improved algorithm that tests "key hold" time.

  • Updated layout of KeyControl's "hotkey select" screen.

  • RSIGuard can now open webpages to anchored locations in all known browsers.

  • UserInsight: Clicking on ? button on toolbar now brings up UserInsight help instead of the About Box. Help content updates as well.

  • Improved debug reporting when RSIGuard experiences a problem.


  • Added Select All/None checkbox to Group Settings Change screen.

  • Added logging of settings changes performed by administrators.

  • Added ability to control what types of administrative functions each RSIGuard administrator has access to (e.g. change settings, view user data, view group data).

  • Added functionality to make admin settings changes take place faster (minutes or hours instead of a day).

  • Updated functionality that limits how much data is stored in the primary TID data file.

  • Added Caption option to queryset command.

  • Enhanced text file error handling.

  • Changed Break Intro wizard to say that break timing is "Based on how intensely you type/mouse" instead of "How hard you work".

  • Added ability to have HR Data and administrator access file be online (and if desired, in different locations).


  • Improvements to "notice",  "schedule" and "html" commands.

  • Enhanced control of PTQ frequency and parameters for OESDesktop.

  • Fixed inaccuracy in $sys(NonUSBPtrIdx) and added $sys(HTMLWin).

  • Added warning to OES settings that says they generally shouldn't be changed by users.

  • Updates to $urlenc().

  • Added "window icon 1/0" command to set default to be show/hide RSIGuard icon.

  • Enhanced support for filenames with either / or \ separators.


  • Added $sys() command and $switch command to RSIScript.

  • Additional error messages on OES communications.

  • Added "Notice" command (OES only) to raise system tray notification messages.

  • Made "Open" command accessible to OES again, but only for safe URLs (no files).

  • Improved OES synchronization process.

  • Made $and(), $or(), $plus(), $minus(), $times(), and $divide() accept more than 2 operands and extended maximum number of operands in RSIScript from 5 to 20.

  • Made $plus(), $minus(), $times(), $divide() work with non-integers.

  • Changed 'msg text' command to not add a space between sequential 'msg text' commands.


  • CallCenter Edition changes: Various wizard pages disabled by default, ForgetMeNots default to disabled, warnings given in settings screen if you enable ForgetMeNots or microbreaks, warning given if you turn off manual-starting of breaks.

  • Minor enhancement to RSIGuard's ability to handle and prevent configuration errors.

  • Fixed problem with auto-assigning of profile name in OES mode.


  • Fixed bug that caused hotkeys with modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) to sometimes take several seconds before executing.

  • RSIGuard communication protocol changed to store all paramters in POST section.

  • Minor UI changes in KeyControl settings.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause RSIGuard to become the foreground window when synching with the OES.

  • Made 'senddata' be OES-only command.


  • Added $framework() and $getat(STR,NUM) commands to RSIScript. Added option for "menuedit deletefromsource SRC MENUITEM" to delete a menu item named MENUITEM. Made "sendconfig" command an OES-only command.

  • Fixed a bug in the BreakTimer settings manual screen.

  • Improved ability of RSIGuard to handle short hibernations, standby's, computer-locks, for the purpose of expiring accumulated activity (improves Work Restrictions function and break timing in these situations).

  • Fixed a problem with "RSIGuard Always On Top" mode that could in some situations prevent RSIGuard from staying on top.


  • Added tools that detect problems with registry settings and automatically fixes problems.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause some network permissions problems to lead to a user's profile being changed to "UnnamedUser".

  • Added error detection to detect problematic NTFS permissions configurations.


  • Fixed a problem with the RSIScript "question" command for questions with over 5 answers.

  • Added OES Desktop Mode setting to Group Settings Change feature of administrator's console.

  • Added support for settings unique to both a user and a machine.


  • Fixed bug in UI renderer that caused main window to sometimes have odd artifacts, especially after resuming from hibernate/standby.

  • Layout improvements to Admin Settings tab.

  • Fixed some issues where clicking Cancel in settings might still lead to some settings being changed.

  • Added ability to require OES authentication for administrator access.

  • Updated $api() command to have optional 3rd argument that, if present, is the POST data for a POST request.

  • Improvements to error reporting for RSIScript command lines with multiple commands separated by a semicolon.

  • Resolved issue wherein with the Admin Console open, it was possible to open 2 settings windows.

  • Many enhancements to HTML windows (i.e. using 'html' command).

  • Added OES API command to enhance secure extensibility of RSIGuard-OES API.


  • Added additional time statistics to UserInsight data export.


  • Made scripts run from "Run RSIScript" run at same lowered privilege as a double-clicked script.

  • Enhanced security, encoding, and error reporting of OES communication.

  • Improved error reporting for data-write failures.


  • Added $isdigits() and $len() to RSIScript.

  • Added validation option to queryset command to limit users to entering strings that match a validation expression.

  • Enhanced functionality for clients with non-unique network login IDs.

v4.0.26bAD (Administrator Tools)

  • GroupInsight: Sorting by "Last Usage/Activity Date" now works correctly.

  • GroupInsight/UserInsight: Fixed crash that could occur if .TID files had unusually large amounts of data.


  • Cosmetic improvements to Administrator console.

  • Security enhancements to OES communication protocol.

  • Spelling correction in break window.

  • Added 'schedule' command to allow operations to be queued in time.

  • Improved error reporting for internet operations.

v4.0.26aAD (Administrator Tools)

  • When viewing a single user, the report page reversed the values for postpone-time & break-taken-time. Fixed.

  • Enhancements to demo mode: No longer asks for password, sample preemptive breaks added.

  • Error message about network directory for Status Reports isn't shown if Status Reports are disabled.


  • If you are in a break when you go into hibernate/standby, restoring the computer will now properly end the break (assuming sufficient time has passed).

  • Several enhancements to user-interface for OES-Desktop mode.


  • Updated text and layout on several Setup Wizard pages.

  • Fixed bug in BreakTimer "Finding the Balance" page (introduced in v4.0.25e) that prevented viewing of one of the 3 options.


  • Fixed bug in ExtendedData logging (for research) that prevented "settings statistics" from being recorded correctly at some points in the day.

  • Added flexible ability to store data files under any RSIScript-specifiable name (useful for the rare organization for whom log-in name (e.g. NT ID) is not unique among all users at the organization).

  • Enhanced {{}} functionality in RSIScript to allow arbitrary nesting.


  • Updated HR data processing to be more forgiving of white-space in HR data files.

  • Added ability to show/hide any particular graphs in UserInsight.

  • Updated Setup Wizard pages to be more reflective of customization (e.g. to not show options that an organization has locked out).


  • Added $bound() function to RSIScript.

  • Added ability to put RSIScript in {{code}} to prevent preprocessing from occurring on the code.

  • Added ability to limit any setting to a particular range or functional range of values.


  • Improved security of menuedit, netinfo, $u and set commands.

  • Fixed cosmetic bug in KeyControl settings that if no hotkeys existed, the Edit/Delete buttons were still enabled (though they did nothing).

  • Added "move" option to HTML command.

  • Increased resolution of OES data for very small values.

  • For organizations where usernames are not unique, added ability to make RSIGuard's concept of username be username+suffix, where suffix is definable as RSIScript that is preprocessed (e.g. $netinfo(1,1) or $val(u\GeneralSetup\EmployeeID).

  • Removed old-style settings specification (with []) from set & related commands.

  • Made default button for Validate question be Cancel

  • Added functionality to not create a startup icon on install, and instead have be installed in an alternate folder and have RSIGuard install a startup icon in the current user's startup folder upon running.

v4.0.25dAD (Administrator Tools)

  • Fixed problem that prevented HR data from having over 5 custom keyed fields.

v4.0.25cAD (Administrator Tools)

  • In GroupInsight settings, limited "data age" threshold and "default search range" to 3 days each.

  • Made status bar show # of records that were excluded due to age of data, or presence of data in range. This helps users understand if the number of records is less than expected, why some records were filtered out.

  • Fixed bug that if first record in database wasn't part of an export, field headers weren't written.

  • In settings window, clicking Browse for a folder or file now starts the browse selection in the current folder/file.

v4.0.25bAD (Administrator Tools)

  • Significant cleanup and improvement of fields in data export.

  • Fixed pie charts for compliance to correctly handle people with 0 break/microbreak suggestions.

  • Fixed search for people with microbreaks enabled to by default also limit search to people with ForgetMeNots enabled (since if not, no microbreaks would actually be suggested and are thus effectively disabled).

  • Corrected "off by 1" error in "count of days in report period" (was 1 too small).

  • Added a new setting that lets you exclude people who have no new data for over a threshold # of days.

  • Added new settings that let you exclude users from a particular search if they have fewer than a threshold % of days of activity or less than a certain average time on the computer per day during the report period.


  • Added "Initializing" to taskbar while RSIGuard is launching

  • Further enhancements to the security aspects of RSIScript

  • Made trying to launch RSIGuard when RSIGuard is already running bring the current instance to the center of the screen. Also, double clicking on RSIGuard icon (in the system tray) will center RSIGuard (a single click still just brings it to the foreground).

  • Changed "Show Strain Bars" option to be called "Show Mousing/Typing Levels".

v4.0.25AD (Administrator Tools)

  • Added ability to make charts compare different fields

  • Updated toolbar to be more useful.

  • Bar charts with over 30 groups now limit themselves to 30 groups and show a warning.

  • Added HR fields to export

  • Added scrollwheel support to report window

  • Added message telling you to select a record to generate a report

  • Removed discomfort charts if no discomfort data available

  • Enhanced security of email system.


  • Improved security robustness of RSIScript

  • Fixed minor issue with remote settings edits

v4.0.25AD (Administrator Tools)

  • Substantial updates to information and presentation of report.

  • Added context help to GroupInsight statistics.

  • Updated GroupInsight help system. 

  • Added search for AutoClick clicks, Work Restriction, Mouse Movement.

  • Numerous statistics now use UserInsight's ranking scale to show rankings with values (high, above average, average, low).

  • Changed scale of mouse/keyboard strain to match UserInsight.

  • GroupInsight now prevents user from directly opening the Master Database file because that makes no sense.

  • GroupInsight now allows switching between TID databases within 1 session.

  • Fixed issue with merged TID files appearing in GroupInsight.

  • Added extended error messages for AccessControl issues.

  • Fixed minor typo in Setting window and bug that wouldn't let you set MasterDB location for web-based HSRs.

  • GI: Changed scale of mouse/keyboard strain to match UserInsight, and added ranking tag (high/above avg/avg/low) to strains.

  • Improved accuracy of keyboard/mouse clicks counts for large periods of time.


  • Fixed issue that caused settings files to be larger than expected in some unique network situations.


  • Added RSIScript command $isRunning(TITLEBAR-TEXT) to tell if a window containing TITLEBAR-TEXT is open.


  • Improved layout of Break Settings wizard page.

  • Improved layout of Check-For-RSIGuard-Update screen.

  • Made Setup Wizard come to foreground when launched when RSIGuard is first run.


  • Fixed problem that when clicking on the RSIGuard icon in the system tray, it sometimes didn't bring RSIGuard into view.

  • Removed Export/Import to floppy and replaced with a data backup feature.

  • Optimized data being written to .RNI file. In some cases, it was occurring too frequently for some limited network environments and could cause significant network activity. 


  • Improvements to HR data integration process, including adding the command "integrate clr/enc VERBOSE file" (new part is VERBOSE) to allow for verbose reporting of what happens during an integrate command. This helps IT staff debug networking issues, or errors in the HR data.


  • Fixed minor bug in RSIScript script preprocessing.

  • Added ability to store Extended (research mode) Datalogger data to daily backup and set default data interval to 1 minute, and updated data output format.


  • GroupInsight: New support for Custom HR Fields. In the past, HR fields were available for sorting in the Administrator's Console, but they were not available in GroupInsight. Now custom fields can be viewed in columns. Custom fields that are "keys" can be used in searches.

  • GroupInsight: "Last Computer Usage" field is now available as a display column.

  • GroupInsight: Fixed problem that GroupInsight couldn't properly handle blank fields.

  • GroupInsight: Fixed issue that status bar did not always display # of selected records and total # of records.

  • ForgetMeNot window no longer momentarily grabs focus when it displays. This is an important improvement to the ForgetMeNot feature experience.

  • Detection of keystrokes and mouse events in Vista/Windows 7 has been significantly improved.  

  • Fixed problem in which ForgetMeNots could sometimes appear behind the front-most window on a Windows Vista 64-bit RSIGuard installation.

  • Improved several aspects of how the UI shows a user that a particular setting is locked (all settings in RSIGuard can be individually locked by an administrator to disallow changes).

  • Improved how locking of the BreakTimer/ForgetMeNots Enabled setting interacts with the BreakTimer/ForgetMeNots toggle buttons on the main display.

  • Added indicator for Typing/Mousing labels when typing/mousing are occurring (labels momentarily turn green).

  • Added RSIScript 'fmnmsg' command to launch a ForgetMeNot with the passed in message.

  • Added $min() and $max() RSIScript commands to allow selection of the minimum or maximum of N values.

  • Added PostSettings.txt script that runs after user visits settings screen. It is especially useful to help enforce rule based settings limits (e.g. require that a particular setting be limited to a range of values).


  • Added OES PTQ/STQ/FINDID and OES BTQ 0/1 commands to RSIScript.

  • Added InHRDB flag so that it is easy to identify if a user is currently in the HR database, even in a intermittently-connected environment.

  • Fixed issue in which, if main RSIGuard window was hidden, a scheduled Health Status Report might not occur.

  • Added RSIScript concept of maintaining nested folder locations for scripts called within other scripts.


  • Improved access to HR data fields within RSIGuard.

  • Made UI show that locked settings are locked.

  • Improved auto-configuration process of Administrator's Console.


  • Added ability to show a stretch warning in the stretch window instead of "Mouse & Kbd will be disabled" that informs a user about the risks of doing stretches that cause discomfort.


  • Added Scheduled Breaks feature user-interface (feature already existed by script configuration). This allows you to configure breaks to occur at particular times throughout the day.

  • Added $greaterthan(), $greaterthanequal(), and $readable() commands to RSIScript

  • RSIGuard can now be set to wait for the network to be accessible for a predefined time before launching.


  • Added ability to put a link to help on the OES "get HR data token" synchronization page.


  • Added RSIScript commands $api(), $urlenc(), $urldec(), $g, and 'cli' to support more generalized communication between the OES and RSIGuard. This is significant for OES functionality.


  • Fixed problem with audio playback of stretch instructions.

  • Improvements to algorithm that measures start and end of day at computer.

  • Improvements to RSIGuard's 64-bit Windows support.

  • Added "restart" command to RSIScript that restarts RSIGuard.


  • Made integrate command ignore spaces in HR Data field names.


  • Added functionality for better communication between RSIGuard and the OES.

  • Added $rand() function to RSIScript for random number generation.

  • Made uninstall function work without requiring user interaction.


  • Improvements to timing of ForgetMeNots after user has been inactive on computer for a while. ForgetMeNots are less likely to occur shortly after a return to activity.

  • GroupInsight: Fixed bugs in searches for different time ranges. Fixed bug with record view after canceling out of the settings screen.


  • Improved the language in "Skip this Break" verifications.

  • Added new setting options to Group Settings Change window in Administrator Console. Other fixes to Group Settings Change functionality.

  • Fixed problem created in v4.0.22 that prevented RSIScript commands containing escape characters to work in some situations. For custom MSI packages, this meant some settings would not be saved properly.


  • Adjusted RSIGuard's timing algorithms to more accurately measure total computer time, total mouse time & total keyboard time. This included making the basic timer more accurate as well as changing the mouse/keyboard idle time thresholds from 20 to 10 seconds. This can affect measurements by slightly lowering values for each of these 3 measured statistics.

  • Fixed a minor error-handling bug in RSIScript.


  • GroupInsight: Groups settings change feature fixes, updates. 


  • UserInsight: Made Y-axis legend use more logical time-steps for Start & End of Day graph.

  • UserInsight: Fixed problem where in 1 or 2 week display, some text on graph legend was occasionally illegible.

  • UserInsight: Minor improvements to Textual Typing Activity graph.

  • Minor improvements to "Check for Update" feature.


  • GroupInsight: Minor enhancements/fixes to Demo Mode.

  • GroupInsight: Improved averaging formulas to better handle days when a user did not use the computer (e.g. weekends).

  • Updated information in About Box

  • Corrected problem that could prevent proper recording of work restriction compliance violations for hourly work restrictions.


  • Minute-by-minute work restrictions now use colors (green, yellow, red) to show when a user is not near restriction, near restriction, and over restriction.

  • Minute-by-minute work restrictions now more accurately handle Standby and Hibernate mode usage.

  • Minute-by-minute work restriction window no longer forces itself to occupy the center of the screen.

  • ForgetMeNots are now sensitive to scroll wheel use when user is asked to pause for microbreak.

  • GroupInsight: Added a Demo Mode to GroupInsight to allow an organization who is not yet configured to use GroupInsight to view its functionality.

  • GroupInsight: Eliminated the "database location is invalid" warning if a client is not configured to use static HSRs or DSRs.

  • GroupInsight: Increased accuracy of "total time in breaks" and "time breaks postponed" statistics.

  • GroupInsight: Added RSIGuard Version field to Header in TID files which makes GroupInsight able to report on RSIGuard version even in dynamic DSR mode.


  • Improved look of UserInsight graphs on days when there is no activity. Also changed labels on computer activity graph and mouse/keyboard activity graph to be clearer that these graphs indicate activity on the computer, not a measure of time at work (which of course also includes other types of non-computer work). Also changed scale on mouse/keyboard activity graph to reflect more typical usage values.

  • Fixed an issue with user communication as part of OES synchronization (OES Desktop only).

v4.0.20c-v4.0.20e (primarily affects GroupInsight application)

  • Improvements to password access to GroupInsight.

  • Eliminated repetitive warnings messages in GroupInsight.

  • GroupInsight can now combine Health Status Reports with data generated from TID files, and additional support for identifying users with discomfort surveys is included (via search or popup notifications).

  • Made "Start Break" button in RSIGuard small until the mouse first passes over it.

  • Various improvements to GroupInsight report output, and column text.


  • Added GroupInsight support for configurations in with an HR integration file is specified, but none actually exists.

  • GroupInsight now autosaves the database.

  • Improvements to title bar of GroupInsight.

  • Added GI ability to define access type if none was defined using a configuration code provided by Remedy Interactive.


  • GroupInsight can now do reporting directly from TID files, eliminating the need to use Data Status Reports for most users, dramatically extending the ability to control the range of data being reported on, and eliminating a major technical configuration challenge for RSIGuard.

  • Added link to Administrator Console to the RSIGuard program group in Start Menu for easy access.

  • Enhancements to RSIScript's "integrate" command for improved HR integration.

  • Made ForgetMeNots not pop up until it's been at least 80% of FMN Interval time since last break or last extended idle. This addresses the perception that people might arrive at their computer after being away and get a ForgetMeNot right away.

  • Added a GroupInsight settings window to replace the various individual settings menu items, and add additional configuration options.

  • Added ability to access GroupInsight directly from Administrator Console.


  • Improvements to UserInsight context help text and visual presentation.

  • Various Administrator Console enhancements, including context help.

  • Improvements to Group Setings change feature in Administrator Console.




  • The program RSIGuard Reports has been replaced by a new application, UserInsight. UserInsight has substantial improvements to the usability and clarity of the data that is presented.

  • UserInsight includes several new compliance graphs for: Work Restriction Compliance, BreakTimer Compliance and MicroBreak Compliance.

  • UserInsight includes a new Risk Exposure graph that incorporates static and dynamic strain exposures and break patterns to provide an overall, ongoing risk indicator.

  • Where relevant, UserInsight provides risk regions on graphs to allow a viewer to easily see if their values put them in the low, medium, or high risk category.

  • Each UserInsight graph includes a context help button to allow a viewer to understand specifically what each graph means.

GroupInsight (administrator package only)

  • The program HSRView has been replaced by a new application, GroupInsight. GroupInsight has substantial improvements to the types of analysis that is possible.

  • Added search support for Work Restriction Exceeded, BreakTimer compliance, "BreakTimer w/preemptive breaks considered" compliance, and Microbreak compliance.

  • Added default "search date range" to automatically default searches in Master Database to a user's most recent information. You can still explicitly do searches over any desired time period.

  • Added thorough GroupInsight online documentation.

  • Simplified configuration process.

  • GroupInsight now automatically selects all records after a search so that it immediately shows the resulting report in the right window pane.

  • Improved GroupInsight's mechanism for sending email to users.


  • Added a user management console to RSIGuard for Administrators including:

    • Ability to define and view groups of users based on any HR data (either default fields like Location and Department, or any custom fields you wish to create).

    • Ability to quickly and easily view and edit settings of any selected user.

    • Ability to quickly access DataLogger data in UserInsight for any selected user.

    • Ability to make changes to the settings of group of users (based on any HR data criteria). The settings can either be changed and locked, or changed and left unlocked for the user to adjust later if desired.

    • Ability to define which users each administrator has access to.

    • Ability to view a user report including information about who is actively using RSIGuard, who is inactive, total numbers of users, and view your administrative access rights.

  • Substantially improved the timing mechanism for storing DataLogger data over slow networks. On slow networks, RSIGuard could cause users to perceive that their computer was slowed down because network activity caused delays. Not that activity is time to occur almost exclusively during long periods of non-activity.

  • The DataLogger component now tracks the percentage by which you exceed a work restriction (if you exceed it).

  • When you exceed a Work Restrictions, the user interface now shows how much you have a exceed a typing/mousing restriction.

  • Fixed problem related to setting up a minute-by-minute work restriction during the setup wizard that could cause an RSIGuard crash.

  • Improved help for typing special characters in Type Text hotkey in KeyControl setup.

  • Enhanced ability to lock groups of settings related to BreakTimer Willpower, Work Restrictions, and BreakTimer schedule.

  • Added ability to specify a maximum # of minutes that breaks can be postponed (overriding the default associated with a user's Willpower setting).

  • Improved context help (F1) for some windows.

  • Changed a default value in AutoClick to no longer automatically delay when hovering over an item with a ToolTip. Most users disable this due to the longer click delay. It can still be enabled by users who wish to do so.


  • Further enhancements to the ForgetMeNots timing algorithm to handle a few additional situations that might lead to a user not seeing as many ForgetMeNots as they should.

  • Updated RSIGuard icon in help files.

  • Minor improvement to MCI error reporting.


  • Graphs in RSIGuard Reports now auto-scale to match the window size. This makes viewing graph data much nicer.

  • Enhanced ForgetMeNots timing algorithm (which is primarily time-based, but also considers activity levels) to insure that a user who is working will see ForgetMeNots even if they are set to occur a long time apart and the user takes moderate natural breaks.

  • Improved synchronization of RSIGuard's left-handed mouse setting with Window's setting. If you adjust RSIGuard's left-handed setting in AutoClick Settings, it adjusts it in Windows as well. If you adjust it in Windows (or if upon startup, RSIGuard doesn't match Windows), RSIGuard will let you synchronize the two settings so as to avoid the confusing situation where Windows is left-handed and RSIGuard is right or vice versa.

  • Fixed the "Establish a Connection with OES" button to handle extra long email addresses better.

  • Added option to ForgetMeNots advanced settings to force ForgetMeNots to be time-based and not pay attention to activity levels/natural rests.

  • Increased the algorithmic default for Maximum Time Between Breaks after the setup wizard because at the previous default, sometimes breaks would be suggested unreasonably soon

  • Dropdown menus in the Find Records window of the Health Status Reports Viewer (HSRView) can now handle up to 8192 different elements (previously it was 256).


  • Added ability for more text formatting in 'msg text',  'question prompt' and 'queryset' commands (newlines and tabs).

  • Added question askl to specify that the question be left justified rather than centered text.

  • Enhanced error handling for OES internet communications.


  • Made "Show Hotkey Assignments" window reverse the order of hotkeys to be in a more logical order.

  • Improved tooltip text on RSIGuard icon.

  • Corrected phrasing of text in OES "establish a connection" window.

  • Added RSIScript command "uninstall verify/noverify command"

  • Added RSIScript command $registered()

  • Corrected problem with BFEdit command if it was used in early startup scripts.

  • Users whose default browser is Firefox could not view some URLs correctly. This release addresses those issues.

  • Removed outdated "More Info" button from ForgetMeNots settings page.


  • Improvements to RSIGuard-OES synchronization process for pre-existing RSIGuard users who subsequently establish connection to the OES.

  • Corrected text on AutoClick-enable verification dialog.

  • Added RSIScript command ($datestr) to allow creation of any-format dates.


  • Updated icons for RSIGuard and companion applications HSRView and RSIGuard Reports to match new RSIGuard logo.

  • Added RSIScript command $netinfo() to help make location-based configuration customizations.

  • Improved uninstall process to automatically exit currently running instance of RSIGuard.


  • Added minute-by-minute work restrictions feature that allows you to specify a work limit of the nature, "limit me to N minutes per M minutes". For example, you can limit yourself to 55 minutes per hour if you want to make sure you get at least 5 minutes of rest from using the computer per hour. While this feature was designed for work restrictions, it is also very useful to any user and provides an alternate or supplementary rest reminder to the BreakTimer..

  • Added tracking of minute-by-minute activity. This allows you to click on the strain bars on the main display to see how you have been using the mouse & keyboard for the last 4 hours.

  • Fixed issue with hotkeys that launch Firefox browser giving an error message


  • Added ability to hide system tray icon.

  • Enhanced the Network Configuration Test


  • Significantly enhanced RSIGuard's functionality for intermittent connectivity. Roaming profiles and data are now merged into the network when RSIGuard reconnects to a network.

  • Minor improvements to look of visual display of AutoClick bullseye.

  • Added ability to schedule breaks at particular times via RSIScript.

  • Call Center Edition now correctly defaults to "Polite Mode" in setup wizard.

  • Fixed problem in ForgetMeNots where the '&' character couldn't be used.

  • Added ability to more accurately define default location of ForgetMeNots.


  • Hotkeys that launch an application can now be configured using a shortcut, and the default browse location is the All Users branch of the Start|Programs menu -- this makes setting up application-launching hotkeys much simpler.

  • Modified the audio for Hamstring Stretch to be slightly shorter because under some circumstances, the video could end before the audio would, and the audio would get cut off.

  • Fixed problem a problem with keyboard remapping not working in some situations in Microsoft Word (and possibly some other applications).

  • Changed registry locations for employee HR data to streamline HR Data Integration process.

  • Added a ability to soft-switch between OES integration using POST or GET method.

  • Hotkeys would normally not occur if a modifier key was held down. Now, KeyControl waits to engage the hotkey but will perform the function after several seconds even if you keep the modifier key down.


  • When scheduling Data Status Reports, RSIGuard will notify you of the date of the next planned report when you exit the schedule window.

  • Changes to ForgetMeNots to make idle and work times less likely to block display of ForgetMeNots.


  • Improved AutoClick visual feedback marker during drag locks.

  • Minor improvements to Health Status Reports report-submission screen.

  • Improvements to RSIScript 'type' command when modifiers are used. Also, now allows separate down and up keystroke events.

  • Added feature that optionally can keep a user from canceling out of initial setup wizard more than once.


  • Fixed problem where if RSIGuard was on non-primary monitor, menu appeared at top-left corner of main monitor.

  • Numerous enhancements to OES synchronization information and scheduling.

  • Fixed problem that clicking "Adjust settings" in the "return to setup wizard" window didn't bring up the settings page.

  • Fixed issue in RSIScript messages (and other basic message windows) that didn't handle '&' character correctly.

v4.0.15a & b

  • Added "postpone time left" message to break window which appears if you mouse over one of the postpone buttons.

  • User is now warned that the numeric keypad won't be available when they select "numeric keypad" for default KeyControl assignments (and are given the option to change their mind).

  • Fixed problems in HSRView related to searching for "# of typos" and "keypress force".

  • In HSRView, added ability to right click on report and get a copy to paste either graphically or textually in other applications.

  • Improvements to KeyControl settings page hotkey sort.

  • Improved error messages when RSIGuard is unable to connect to OES server.

  • Improvements to online help (FAQs, more useful links).

  • Responses to the "Medical" question in HSRs can now be customized.

  • Added diagnostic PTQ result information to OES admin page.


  • Fixed a problem for Windows Vista users that made use of the AutoClick feature potentially cause significant slow downs.


  • Increased maximum length of KeyControl TypeText hotkey text.

  • Added administrative configuration test utility.

  • Fixed issues in HSR and DSR submission.


  • Corrected issue with file associations for .rxs, .tid and .hsr files that could lead to an "access denied" message when opening a file of these types from within Windows

  • Fixed error that caused users updating from older custom versions of RSIGuard (e.g. RSIGuard v3 that was a non-standard download customized to a particular organization) who had certain types of configurations to get incorrect settings values for certain settings.

  • Added $q to RSIScript to detect mechanism for saving computer-wide settings.

  • Added command "wizard" to RSIScript


  • RSIGuard has a new logo.

  • Added ability to put an '!' before a filter name to require an exact match.

  • Improvements to DSR submission system.

  • Fixed bug where RSIGuard would sometimes pop up "Found multiple windows with name..." caused by calles to gFindWindowNamed()

  • Fixed bug in the "show BreakTimer time-to-next-break calculation" where 0 seconds showed up as "---" instead of "0s"


  • ForgetMeNots now do not appear if a BreakTimer Filter is blocking breaks (or forcing breaks into Polite Mode)

  • Added a user-verification if a user turns AutoClick on from the front panel to reduce the chance of accidentally turning AutoClick on

  • Added help for Remedy Interactive OES integrated features

  • Setup Wizard improvements: Updated text in BreakTimer & Finished Wizard pages; removed default button in Setup Wizard Verify dialog; improved ability to set default values for options

  • Added warning in ForgetMeNots settings page if user sets ForgetMeNot frequency to be more often than once per 10 minutes

  • Improvements to functionality to keep ForgetMeNots from stealing focus when they appear

  • Changed default TEMP folder to %TEMP%

  • Changed default setting for ForgetMeNots "move to center if Microbreak ignored" for certain profiles (v4.0.12a)

  • Fixed KeyControl issue that could cause some hotkeys not to function until RSIGuard restarts in rare circumstances. (v4.0.12a)

  • Improvements to window focus control during display of ForgetMeNots (v4.0.12a)


  • Improvements to RSIGuard update operation

  • Updates to RSIScript: improved error messages, "question" and "queryset" commands display better-layed-out question windows, fixes to $if() directive, added ability to put semi-colons between commands to have multiple commands on one line, added $ch() command to generate characters based on ASCII value (e.g. for "msg text" commands).

  • Added ability to specify number of seconds of runtime until daily backup is made and number of seconds of work-time until DSRs are transmitted for clients who may require significant uptime before they have full network connectivity

  • Setup Wizard now skips naming page if using auto-named profiles


  • Added new KeyControl hotkey category to directly perform an RSIScript command (or, using $do(), a series of commands).
  • Improvements to RSIScript’s QuerySet command window.
  • Added BFEDIT command to allow more complete remote editing of BreakTimer filters.
  • Improvements to window focus control during display of ForgetMeNots
  • Improvements to registration system (and supporting web-based tools for requesting registration codes).


  • Improvements to RSIScript ‘set’ command and RSIScript error handling.
  • Improved ability to rapidly repeat a hotkey (e.g. the single click hotkey). Now, for example, holding down the single click hotkey causes a rapid, even sequence of single clicks. Also fixed an issue that could sometimes delay execution of a hotkey.
  • Fixed error that in extremely rare situations could cause RSIGuard to show the user the initial welcome screen inappropriately.


  • When new installations of RSIGuard are installed now, you have the option of removing settings from a previous installation, or keeping the settings. Previously, RSIGuard would always keep the settings.
  • Added feature to make ForgetMeNots return focus to window that had focus before ForgetMeNot was shown to prevent making a user need to click on the previous window after a ForgetMeNot completed.
  • Added feature to TimeStats window (which can be seen by double clicking on the “time until next break” indicator) to tell what effect break filters are having.
  • Added $date() command to RSIScript. Other RSIScript corrections: corrected issue with “msg” command if no message had been prepared to be sent; corrected issue with all functions that had 0 arguments; corrected issue with $lessthan() function.
  • Corrected issue in which the morning warm-up stretch might not appear in certain circumstances.
  • Corrected “search by # of mouseclicks” in HSRView.
  • Added a “repeat recent search” feature to HSRView.


  • Added a mini AutoClick tutorial which is automatically displayed to users who enable AutoClick during the Setup Wizard.
  • Activate command no longer returns an error if no window matches request.
  • Added ability to remove “Show Hotkeys List” and “Take A Break Now” menu items for clients who don’t use these features.
  • Added functionality to newuser.txt script to allow more control over pre-enabled features such as AutoClick in Wizard.


  • Added ability for WMV video users to preview videos in the Stretch settings
  • Fixed problem with “postpone HSR submission by 1 day” feature in which postponement was sometimes significantly longer than 1 day.


  • Added functionality for networking RSIGuard and RSIGuard Reports in an environment where all users log in under the same login ID.


  • Enhanced tools to help trial users find correct settings, including layout improvements in Setup Wizard, streamlining of trial messages, and post-trial survey options.
  • Added new context-sensitive help for Setup Wizard with flickering Help button to highlight its availability.
  • Updates to OES data communications protocol.
  • Improvements to startup wizard user interface.
  • Major update to integrated HR data features.
  • Added functionality to allow easy transfer of DataLogger data when you change storage folder.
  • Manage Roaming Folder window now shows name of inaccessible folder if Roaming Folder location is presently inaccessible.
  • Updates to networked data management tools.
  • Daily DataLogger statistics report now reports mouse movement distance in meters.
  • Improvements to HSRView’s Stored Find feature.
  • Fixed problem with printing left pane (Report List) in HSRView.
  • Added system for asking users to provide email address for bulk email tool in HSRView.
  • Improved windows that ask for email by preventing entry of bad characters.


  • Substantially updated RSIGuard's context help.
  • Break window will no longer interrupt a stretch that is going after break ends. It will also avoid starting a stretch if the break is about to end. 
  • Improved system tray icon operation and eliminated icon that indicated that the main window was hidden
  • Added AutoClick IntraClickDelay option to prevent there being a delay between down and up (to prevent occasional accidental drag & drops).
  • Updated online administrator documentation to be v4.0.
  • Minor user interface layout improvements.
  • Hide-screen-during-breaks now works correctly if a manually started break is postponed.
  • Updated Health Status Report data exporting to have additional v4.0 field names.
  • Significantly improved HSRView’s bulk email feature.
  • Fixed problem in which some wizard settings could be stored incorrectly.
  • Improved user-interface for entering registration codes.

  • Added detection of DOS typing to DataLogger data recording.
  • Corrected DataLogger export issue for preemptive break data.
  • Added CSV export option to DataLogger.


  • Added support for https: communication for Health Status Reports and other internet communication.
  • Added support for viewing pre-emptive break statistics to HSRView
  • Made main menu font match system menu font.
  • Layout improvements in HSR submission page.
  • Several user interface improvements to RSIGuard Reports, HSRView, and the Setup Wizard.
  • Changed several web documentation links to refer to installed documentation.
  • Corrected problem in which Remote Desktop Connection and some other special keyboard applications could have certain keys not work correctly.
  • Added verification question to subsequent runs of Setup Wizard to insure that user didn’t really want Settings pages.
  • Corrected Stretch Setting preview window issue.
  • Corrected issue in setup wizard in which a modified break schedule might not be stored.


  • Corrected problem in Break Window that in some configurations allowed skipping a break too easily.


  • Corrected problem in Setup wizard that incorrectly set break interruption style mode.
  • Improvements to layout of Scheduled HSR notification screen.
  • Improvements to text describing current break regimen in Break Settings screen.
  • Corrected tooltip that appears over icon in system tray that could misreport strain percentages.


  • If RSIGuard is minimized and you hover mouse over system tray icon, you’ll now see break and strain statistics.
  • Fixed problem with minimized break window and “Hide Screen During Breaks” preventing user from being able to see when the break would end.
  • Minimized break window now shows how much time is left in break.
  • Changed how FMNs blink to get attention better without blinking red text (a disability issue).
  • Corrected issue with display of stretches in which for some older graphics drivers part of the stretch might not be displayed.


  • Fixed problem in which during ForgetMeNots lockout of keyboard/mouse, mouse was not always prevented from clicking.
  • Updated to latest release of 3rd party sound library.
  • Improvements to process of establishing connection with OES online profile including updates to Administrator settings page.


  • Added BreakTimer filters, a feature that allows a user to specify situations in which BreakTimer should not interrupt the user based on applications that are either in the foreground (active) or running.
  • Minor corrections to Introduction trial dialog and AutoClick wizard screen.
  • Fixed bug in which Break dialog might tell a user to sit for a stretch when they should be standing or vice versa.
  • Improved layout of Health Status Report scheduling screen.
  • Minor improvements to Hide Screen During Break feature to better cover screen during breaks.
  • Improved RSIGuard's algorithm to determine how many times to playback each stretch to best fit a break for any format (WMV, MPG, AVI) for either stock or custom stretches.
  • Addressed issue with sound card conflicts with older sound cards with single-voice hardware to force RSIGuard to better release audio hardware resources when not in use.
  • Corrected issue with display of stretches in which for some older graphics drivers part of the stretch might not be displayed.
  • Fixed problem in which if a user who had scheduled weekly Health Status Reports skipped a report, the date of the next report could be displayed incorrectly.


  • Added feature in which double-clicking on the “Time until next break” display shows the computation used to derive the time until next break.
  • Several minor visual layout improvements on setup screens.
  • Fixed problem where Hide Screen During break feature could obscure the break window.
  • Made the “Disable Exit RSIGuard” administrator setting apply to the taskbar right-click menu as well.


  • Several minor visual layout improvements on several wizard, setup, break window, and other screens.
  • Enhanced handling of issues with playing videos on computers without proper codecs installed, including support for WMV format videos.
  • Added RSIScript registration prompter command.
  • Added support for viewing RSIGuard Reports of remotely controlled users.


  • RSIGuard’s “Check for RSIGuard Update” now gives you the option to automatically update your version of RSIGuard with one mouseclick. Also allows you to quickly access this document.
  • Introduced new keystroke/mouseclick work restriction limit feature (see Work Restriction documentation for details).
  • Enhanced Call Center functionality to allow dynamic break adjustments based on call volume.
  • Resolved issue where Break Window would open a video, which is a processor intensive task, and cause the mouse/keyboard to be sluggish for a few seconds. Now video is opened right after Break Window locks out keyboard and mouse. Minor improvements to error handling code in video playback as well.
  • Fixed an obscure problem with RSIGuard Reports where some data might not be shown if a user’s system clock was being manipulated forwards and backwards (e.g. by a software engineer testing date-dependent software). Also made improvements in RSIGuard Reports security features.
  • Work restrictions now better handle the restarting of RSIGuard after your work restriction has been exceeded and you request additional time.
  • Improved RSIGuard’s displaying of webpages for alternate browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox).
  • Corrected text in a couple default ForgetMeNots to better match new 4.0 user interface.


  • A redesigned user interface makes working with RSIGuard much easier and more pleasant.
  • New wizards make controlling your break schedule and other RSIGuard features much simpler.
  • Thirty one new video stretches provide better instructional examples of better stretches. Varied camera angles make it much easier to learn to do stretches correctly.
  • Improvements to AutoClick's intelligence to support Windows XP type controls and menus.
  • New main display buttons allow you to turn BreakTimer and ForgetMeNots off "for a while" without permanently disabling them.
  • Improved RSIGuard Reports reporting tool with improved printing.
  • Simplified RSIGuard registration process.
  • Significant improvements to RSIScript KeyControl macro and control language.
  • New remote management enhancements for OES-integrated customers.
  • Dozens of other improvements requested by RSIGuard users.


  • Improvements/simplifications to registration process.
  • Added a new kind of AutoClick filter "class" that is based on windows class. This allows better control over what AutoClick clicks on. Improved the “Add Filter” window.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented a non-privileged user from registering RSIGuard if another user ran RSIGuard first but didn't register it.
  • Improved AutoClick so that it has fewer situations where it doesn’t click (because it is trying to avoid false-clicks) when it really should click.
  • Improved OES integration auto-setup feature and OES communication.


  • Extensive enhancements to integrated communication functionality with Remedy Interactive OES.
  • Added detection and monitoring of self-initiated breaks (primarily for break compliance measurement).
  • Improved the formula for counting idle behavior towards expiring strain.
  • Improved clarity of registration process when installing RSIGuard on a new computer.
  • RSIScript enhancements: added preprocessing token $d to show dates; added ability to set and get environment variables, added $val() to replace $s to give tighter control over spacing in messages and default values; added $mid(), $left(), and $right() string preprocessors.
  • Fixed problems in Work Restriction Reached window that could cause a user to inadvertently exit RSIGuard.
  • Updated RSIGuard to refer to the formerly-named WorkWell as the OES Online Profile.
  • Specific to Call Center Edition: Added ForgetMeNots feature and adjusted lengths of breaks to be shorter than other editions.
  • Enhancements to Startup Wizard.



  • Major new reporting and searching features added to HSRView. Significant user interface, printing, security improvements.
  • Improvements to RSIGuard Reports (minor graph improvements, display, faster loading files, improved titles for printing)

  • Improved the error and success messages for “import/export DataLogger data” operation.

  • Added option to allow [x] “close window” box to really close RSIGuard (as opposed to hiding RSIGuard in system tray). This was for clients who do not have a system tray (e.g. some Citrix users).

  • RSIScript enhancements, improved pre-processing, additional commands.

  • Numerous enhancements to integration with WorkWell

  • Improvements to startup wizard user interface.



  • Improved default ForgetMeNot messages.

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate InternetConnectionRequired windows.

  • Significantly improved new visual AutoClick features

  • Added functionality for web-based remote control of features.

  • Added finer control of setup wizard screens.



  • Made several improvements to AutoClick menu detection.

  • Moved “Hide Screen During Breaks” feature to the BreakTimer settings and fixed a bug that made it difficult to skip a break in the first few seconds of a break with the “Hide Screen…” feature enabled.

  • Updated RSIGuard online help

  • Improvements to visual AutoClick feature



  • Added AutoClick “visual click” feature that gives helpful feedback (especially to new users) of AutoClick.

  • Improved the "Hide Screen During Breaks" feature.

  • Improved messages, errors and user interface related to setup and configuration of Roaming Profiles and WorkWell synchronization.
  • The algorithm to determine when a user sees the “Skip break wizard” has been improved.



  • Several improvements to hotkey function: better handling for hotkeys that use Alt-keys, that type text, better information messages, and better command line support.


  • Added checkbox to KeyControl settings to let a user decide if RSIGuard should automatically turn on NumLock if one of the hotkeys uses a key that is only accessible if NumLock is on.


  • Improved guidance to users trying to register an updated copy of RSIGuard.

  • Eliminated error message given when RSIGuard was not connected to the internet and it tried to connect to WorkWell database. Eliminated a few other error messages that weren’t necessary simply because a user didn’t have an active internet connection. Improved the information in several other error messages, and eliminated an error message if a script adds a profile that already exists.

  • Added InstRun.txt, a script that runs the first time RSIGuard is installed on a computer, as opposed to FirstRun.txt which runs the first time any new version of RSIGuard is installed on a computer.

  • Minor fixes to RSIScript parser.



  • Added new "Hide Screen During Break" option for security and privacy purposes as well as to help users stop looking at the computer during breaks.


  • Added detection of new mouse horizontal scroll wheels to AutoClick anti-false-click detection.


  • Significantly speeded up communication protocol between WorkWell and RSIGuard.

  • Updated stretch audio files to MP3 to ensure support on all Windows platforms.

  • Minor improvement to timing of mouse and keyboard worktime.



  • Enhancements to break timing model to make average timing between breaks work better. Also, improvements to estimate of time till next break.


  • Added tracking of mouse scroll wheel to DataLogger and added modeling of strain from scrolling mouse wheel to BreakTimer.


  • Added an option to hide the contents of your screen during breaks (for either security reasons or to keep you from being tempted to continue looking at things).


  • Added a command to RSIScript for creating hotkeys. Other minor hotkey enhancements.


  • Fixed problem where breaks set to lengths below 2 minutes still came up at 2+ minutes.

  • Made several RSIGuard dialogs default to foreground state.

  • Minor cosmetic enhancements to RSIGuard Reports graphs.

  • Improved accuracy of measurement of keyboard and mouse usage time.

  • Fixed problem that prevented AutoClick hotkeys from working consistently in Adobe FrameMaker.

  • Enhancements to WorkWell features.

  • Added support to deal with problems in Microsoft’s offline files feature.





  • Minor user interface improvements based on user feedback.

  • Additional features added for WorkWell features (v3.0.40a).

  • Added ability to run RSIScripts (.RXS files) when RSIGuard is not yet running.

  • Added a FirstRun.txt script that runs when RSIGuard first starts up (regardless of registration) to enable new automatic configuration features.

  • Minor enhancements to AutoClick settings.



  • Added ability to export and import DataLogger data to floppy. This enables easy transfer of data between computers (as well as easy collection of data on systems where data is not stored on a network).


  • Substantial additional improvements to RSIGuard Reports application




·         RSIGuard Reports now displays and prints the keyboard usage statistics from the Keyboard Analysis Tool.


  • Enhancements to RSIScript language -- added $plus(), $minus(), $times(), and $divide() commands.

  • Minor fixes to new graphs (added in v3.0.38) in RSIGuard Reports.

  • Improved algorithm for measuring work time and keystroke pressure to increase accuracy.



  • Major enhancements to RSIGuard Reports including: added new graphs for different types of mouse-clicks, AutoClicks, Drag & Drop, mouse movement, natural rest patterns, normal workday times and more. Coalesces several graphs to make it easier to compare related statistics. Significant improvements to readability of graph information.


  • Improved audio files for stretches, and added audio instructions for the 6 standing stretches. Also, switched audio files from wav to wma format which has reduced the installation package’s size by several megabytes.

  • Added <break> to RSIScript’s ‘type’ command.

  • Improved Internet communications (e.g. for scripts and registering).

  • Enhancements to some of RSIGuard’s research features (relating to hotkey/keystroke monitoring).



  • Made SkipBreakWizard also extend or enable min-time-between-breaks AND extend max-time-between-breaks (if enabled)


  • Additional enhancements to manual registration process (for Internet registration codes).

  • Enhancement to RSIScript: added $r to tell what version/edition of RSIGuard you're using.

  • Made SkipBreakWizard also extend or enable min-time-between-breaks AND extend max-time-between-breaks (if enabled)

  • Enhanced logic of the “maximum time between breaks” feature and the display of “time since last break” feature
  • Fixed a bug that if “minimum time between breaks” wasn’t set, but the maximum was, then the skip break button wouldn’t work in some situations.

  • Enhancements to some of RSIGuard’s research features (relating to hotkey/keystroke monitoring).



  • Added a new Skipping Breaks Wizard. This wizard detects when a user is skipping lots of breaks and then prompts them with several options about how to make taking breaks easier for them. The goal, of course, is to get people to most successfully follow a regular break regimen.



  • New Roaming Profile messages warn if you don’t have rights to modify your settings and you try to do so. Also added a "don’t show this message about Inaccessible Roaming Profile again" checkbox

  • Added new “special strings” $c, $v, $w to RSIScript for "internet connected state", "WinVersion", "WinPlatform". This lets RSIGuard automatically behave differently based on the version of Windows it is running on and whether or not the user is connected to the internet.

  • Several fixes to RSIGuard system for determining where it has permission to store data and settings, including better file error handling. This could cause some user’s who used v3.0.32-v3.0.34 to get a new location for data storage.



  • Made RSIGuard more independent of a user’s privileges. Assuming basic installation can take place, RSIGuard now does not require any privileges beyond a typical Guest account to be configured and used.


  • RSIGuard can now be distributed, per request by maintenance agreement holders, as an MSI package.

  • Improved RSIGuard’s web-related functions for users with various types of proxy servers.

  • Various RSIScript enhancements, including new Window command.

  • Added a Toggle AutoClick hotkey
  • Changed default location for storing RSIGuard data to the users Documents folder.

  • Improved handling for inaccessible DataFolder – now RSIGuard uses default folder automatically. If that is unwriteable, only then does RSIGuard ask user to specify a new location.

  • Added 3 new special RSIScripts (PreInit.txt, Init.txt and Register.txt). See RSIScript documentation for details.



  • 2 new statistics added to HSR/DSR’s (# of Microbreaks skipped & RSIGuard version)

  • Various improvements/updates to RSIScript language

  • New 'menuedit' command allows dynamic creation of user-definable menu items in RSIGuard



  • Added 6 new stretches that involve having the user stand up while stretching.

  • Added new advanced break setting “minimum length of breaks” to ensure that a user’s breaks are at least as long as specified.

  • Added additional support for searching Health Status Report data by physical location of user.



  • Enhanced the handling of “absence of network” situations.

  • Added additional settings to Administrative Controls settings page.



  • Added the ability to schedule DataLogger Status Reports or DSRs which submit DataLogger data to website without discomfort surveys. These can now be scheduled independently of Health Status Reports (HSRs).


  • Additional graphics added to Setup Wizard

  • In Break Window, the "I'm in Pain -- Increase Break Frequency" has been changed to read "Make breaks occur more frequently". Also, clicking that button triggers an offer to the user to look at other break settings after breaks ends.

  • In response to many customer requests, made the default enforcement of microbreaks be less severe.

  • New WorkWell (from Remedy Interactive) integration features added.

  • Made minor enhancements to user interface for registering RSIGuard

  • Fixed bug in HSRView application that, in rare instances, caused text to be superimposed over the “points of body discomfort” survey information.



  • Substantial improvements to startup wizard. Fewer screens are shown if the user’s early answers make it prudent to do so. Graphics have been improved. Options improved. And added more settings to give finer control to what wizard windows should be shown to new users.


  • Added 20 new statistics for measuring RSIGuard compliance, break behavior, mouse technique, hotkey patterns, and more. See DataLogger document for more information


  • RSIGuard now records start/end of workday


  • Added features to integrate with WorkWell software from Remedy Interactive. Please contact us if you are interested in this feature.


  • Work Restriction window enhanced to tell user how long they've worked and how long their work restriction is (especially relevant for dynamic work restrictions).


  • Health Status Reports have been given the flexibility to make averages over variable periods of time within single reports.
  • Improvements to RSIGuard Reports handling of daylight savings time

  • Extended break length range to 1-10 minutes (from 2-9)

  • Released new version of HSRView (manager and personal editions) to support new data recorded in RSIGuard

  • Released new version of RSIGuard Reports to have improved data smoothing features.

  • Improvements to network error logging for Health Status Reports.

  • Improved some settings screens

  • “Check for RSIGuard Update” feature now more helpfully sends users seeking to update to update-website

  • HSRView fix - Removed countless calls to errlog() and revved HSRView 2.0.1



  • Additional enhancements to KeyControl’s keyboard remapping feature

  • Improvements in RSIGuard Reports averaging and display algorithms

  • Added support for automatic emailing of filed Health Status Reports

  • Improved Custom Searches in HSRView to better handle specification of discomfort areas of interest



  • Added AutoClick video tutorial option in the AutoClick Wizard setup screen

  • Improved system tray icon to be more informative and less distracting

  • Improved help features in Setup Wizard



  • Improvements to ForgetMeNot timing algorithm

  • Added the 'mouse' command to RSIScript



  • Substantial improvements to user interface and printing features of HSRView utlity.

  • Added “Export to CSV database file” from HSRView utility



  • Substantial improvement to research capabilities: Added ability to store high resolution recording of DataLogger data (up to once per minute) and extended recording of keystroke and keystroke combination frequency.

  • Improved KeyControl’s keyboard remapping feature

  • Added ability to control mouse speed for keyboard-control-of-mouse feature



  • Added full printing functionality to HSRView for lists and reports


  • Added recording of several new data statistics (# Autoclicks performed, # microbreaks taken, # of  right/left/middle/double clicks, start/end work time)


  • Improvements to AutoClick feature

  • Added 4 user-settable questions to Health Status Reports

  • Improved BreakTimer window display

  • Changed word "pain" to "discomfort" throughout RSIGuard

  • Minor enhancements to startup wizard and work restriction feature

  • Added RSIScript commands to control ForgetMeNots feature





Added command window for RSIScript and extended RSIScript




Improved scheduled HSR formula




Added Middle Click and Middle Drag Lock hotkeys




Improvements to RSIScript




Improvements to startup wizard


Added display customizations and sound option to ForgetMeNots


Substantially enhanced non-interruption detection to BreakTimer which helps insure breaks don’t interrupt users


Improvements to BreakTimer timing algorithm




Added context specific help throughout RSIGuard (i.e. Help buttons and clicking F1 shows context specific help)


Updated many help pages




Improved KeyControl function


Added synchronization between RSIGuard Reports graphs and points when user has filed Health Status Reports




Added ability to export all data for use in 3rd party data analysis tools




More RSIScript enhancements




More enhancements to ‘type’ command, KeyControl feature, RSIScript and AutoClick.






Improvements to AutoClick feature and DragLock component of KeyControl


3/25/02 Released v3.0.03


Improved Work Restriction feature


Improvements to RSIGuard Reports utility





Added KeyControl w/kbd remapping and macros feature


Added significant new multi-user networking features


Significant user interface improvements


Replaced old .ini file with registry to allow better multiuser operations


Added advanced handling of multi-machine use for a single user, and multi-user use of one machine.


Updated AutoClick user interface.


Added ability to control mouse with cursor


Added additional admin settings


Added ability to perform daily backups of data


Added support to allow user to email configuration info RSIGuard support


Added 4 new statistics: key-press count, mouse-click count, backspace/delete-key count, switches between keyboard and mouse.


Added ability to configure HSR submission and synchronized it with HSRView utility.


Enhanced BreakTimer timing algorithm

Added “polite break” mode to make breaks less intrusive when appropriate


Improved RSIGuard setup wizard


Significant improvements to RSIScript feature


Extended RSIScript’s ‘type’ command




Improved online documentation


Added additional admin controls




Improved Break coming and Break ending sounds as well as Start & End of break sounds


Added admin control of user interface & features


Added admin Remote Control of setup




BreakTimer timing enhancements




AutoClick performance enhancements




Enhanced stretching options in break window


New RSIScript features


Changed word Trauma to Strain throughout program




Enhancement to AutoClick Filter creation and ForgetMeNot display


New RSIScript features


Additional multi-user support