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RSIScript Documentation

RSIGuard includes a sophisticated scripting language called RSIScript. This language is used in various ways, e.g.:

  • RSIScripts can be embedded in installation packages to provide a flexible way to create customized configurations that work on all supported platforms
  • RSIScripts can be emailed or put on websites to provide custom functionality (e.g. adding a set of hotkeys or defining a work restriction)
  • RSIScripts allows the OES to flexibly interact with RSIGuard
  • Creates a mechanism to add or change functionality to RSIGuard after deployment without modifying installed files
  • Can be used to create scripts that can be triggered by KeyControl hotkeys to do complex sequential operations. Click here for examples.

RSIScript works in a cross platform manner on RSIGuard for Windows, Mac and Linux. It can query the OS for information, trigger typing & mousing events, perform math, do conditional actions, interact with users, and much more.

RSIScript was designed with security in mind, and has been analyzed by Aspect Security.

To learn more about RSIScript, click here to view the RSIScript Reference Manual.