Stretches play through one time only. Press Ctrl-F5 to restart all stretches.

1:Reach for the Sky, Sitting

2:Reach for the Sky, Standing

3:Shoulder Shrug

4:Standing Backbend

5:Finger Stretch

6:Palm Press


8:Leg & Ankle Extension

9:Inverted Wrist Flexor Stretch

10:Deep Breathing

11:Wrist Extensor

12:Hands Over Eyes

13:Calf Stretch

14:Hands Overhead

15:Extend & Flex Fingers

16:Temple Massage

17:Chin Tuck

18:Arms Overhead

19:Hands to Floor

20:Elbow & Finger Extension

21:Mid Back Stretch

22:Focus On Infinity

23:Hamstring Stretch

24:Forearm Shake

25:Wrist Flexor Stretch

26:Trunk Twist

27:Neck Stretch

28:Standing Arm Rotation

29:Thumbs Across Palms

30:Eyes Around the Clock

31:Chest Stretch
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