Behavior-Based Safety Tools



Suggests breaks based on work intensity as well as natural rest patterns, insuring that breaks are recommended when they’re really needed. During breaks, RSIGuard shows stretch suggestions via 31 video demonstrations and, if desired, your organization’s custom video content.



ForgetMeNots offers two important tools for preventing injuries – awareness reminders and microbreaks. Awareness reminders keep users conscious of their body and work patterns to help insure that an intellectual understanding of safety is incorporated into actual behavior at the computer. Microbreaks offer brief rests to help reduce fatigue and improve circulation.


ErgoCoach Equipment Optimization Tools:


The sit-stand tools remind you when to sit and stand, teach you how to optimize the benefits of sit-stand workstations, and enhance ForgetMeNots to keep you aware of how you’re sitting & standing.

Multiple Monitor

The multiple monitor tools provide personalized monitor placement guidance based on how RSIGuard observes you to use your monitors. It also provides training and ForgetMeNots to optimize your awareness of how to get the most from your monitors while reducing risk.

Notebook Computer

The notebook computer tools warn you if you need to switch to an external keyboard & mouse, remind you to do an ergo quick-check when you are in a new location, and add ForgetMeNots to keep you aware of how you’re using your notebook.

Shared Workstation

The shared workstation tools provide additional training for people who share workstations & workspaces. They also can remind you to go through a quick ergo-checklist when you first start working at a shared workspace.

Virtual Terminals

The virtual terminal tool lets RSIGuard work effectively on thin clients, virtual machines, remote desktops, etc.


Strain Exposure Reduction Tools


KeyControl allows a user to perform repetitive actions with a single keypress. You can automate mouse operations, open files/applications/websites, type common text, or automate complex processes. Using RSIScript, you can move the cursor to buttons, click on them, wait for tasks to finish, select/copy/paste text or graphics, do calculations and more. Thus KeyControl lets you dramatically boost productivity while simultaneously lowering injury risk.



AutoClick eliminates the need to do two of the most injury-inducing computer activities – grasping and clicking the mouse. This optional feature simulates a mouse click whenever you stop moving the mouse. Learning to use AutoClick is fairly easy, and the benefits are immense. By using AutoClick, people with significant mouse-related discomfort or injuries will be able to perform useful computer work and they may significantly reduce the likelihood of developing discomfort in the future.


Work Restriction Manager

Monitors a user to help insure they follow a doctor-prescribed work restriction.


Understanding Individual and Organizational Risk


RSIGuard collects extensive information about how users work and presents it in the companion application UserInsight. Color-coded graphs allow you to quickly see where there are trouble spots. RSIGuard also uses DataLogger to dynamically adjust the BreakTimer and to customize ForgetMeNot messages to user patterns.



Organizational reporting lets safety staff quickly spot high risk usage and compliance issues, and allows limited safety resources to be focused where they are needed most.


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