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RSIGuard was developed in 1998 by a software engineer suffering from an acute repetitive stress injury. After successfully developing a software program that dealt with his injury and mitigated his discomfort, he discovered that other employees at his workplace also benefited from the software. As a result, he introduced RSIGuard commercially in 1999. In December 2003, Remedy Interactive acquired RSIGuard and added it to its suite of injury prevention software and service offerings.

Remedy Interactive, Inc. is headquartered in Sausalito, California and operates worldwide. The company operates on two premises: that costs associated with workers' compensation are not "just the cost of doing business" and that the least expensive claim is the one that never happens. Remedy Interactive is the only injury prevention solution provider whose management team has expertise in the three areas critical for success: healthcare, management and strategy, and delivering web-based software solutions.

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